Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My first sorting jackpot win!

Well, I am posting this late as my blogger has been acting up. Either that, or my computer was acting up. Either way, I am just now being able to blog.

Sunday, September 6th, I went sorting. Met my friends Cynthia and Robin there. They were both vying for the buckle in the 5 week buckle series that Roy Goldsmith was putting on at his arena. This was the last week and Cyn and Robin were neck and neck for the beginners buckle. They both were going to run 4 times. There were 8 teams that entered. They ran 4 times, Lane and Kim ran 3 times and I ran twice. I know it sounds confusing, but it was a total of 8 different teams.

Well, still learning this game, I thought that when you did your first run, you had to do it clean and try to get as many calves as you could. Which you do. But if you did that, it would qualify you for the real run. Which it does. But I thought the first run was just a qualifing run, I didn't know they added the first head count to your second run. But they do. So during Robin and I's first run, we got 4 head and Cynthia and I got 6. WOOHOO, that is the most I have gotten with another beginner. Anyway, all 8 teams did a clean first run. Even though when Lane and Kim teamed up, they got 0 head, they still didn't bust. And because there were only 8 teams, they qualified for the second run. If there were more than 10, they might have not.

Anywho, I was really happy with both my runs. Again, I still didn't know that the first head count gets added to your second run. That is, until the first team ran and the judge announced the total head count with the total time. Then I knew how the game was played. I knew I had to try to run good and clean. Robin and I got 3 calves, and as I was working the hole, a calf was right at Summer's chest, she was real good for me and we jumped at the calf, the calf turned slightly to the left, then darted right past us and we busted. I was heart broke. I felt bad for Robin as I felt like I had let her down. I went and asked her husband, Anthony, if there was anything different I could have done. He said no. That even a good cutting horse doesn't work calves that close and they probably couldn't have stopped it either. He said I was doing a great job. That made me feel a little better. Well, Cyn and I entered and got 4 head. For a total of 10. And for the win!

I was so happy! We won a total of $160 and Roy gives you a t-shirt for first place. And Cynthia got her buckle.

I went back to my trailer and cried a little. I am so proud of Summer. My Tennessee Walking Horse is now a money earning cow horse. LOL I don't know if we will ever win again, but at least I can say I won once. I have done a lot with Summer and she has always done me proud, has always given me her best and she has a lot of heart. Even when she is nervous she seems to trust that I am not going to let anything hurt or kill her, she has always tried to make me happy. But never have we done anything that put money BACK in my pocket, so that night was pretty cool!

And as for those nay-sayers...I wonder what they are saying now? LOL