Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer's vacation is over...and other stuff

My buggy is finished!!!! Whoopy! I will take pictures soon. I definitely want pictures of Summer and her first time between the shafts. It turned out real nice. It is not perfect by any means, but it's good for my first time. Now I have to do my big roadcart. It has one of those folding tops on it. (like a docter's buggy) The top is stored at home, I don't want mice making a home of it. I am definitely taking before and after pictures of that cart. That will be my fancy show cart. I want to use that one for the Pleasure driving classes. I believe that is what they are called. You have to dress in period clothing for the time of your cart. Every thing has to look historical. I can't use a beta-bi harness, it has to be leather. If you have carriage lamps on your cart, they have to look like they were used. If they hold a candle, the wick has to be burned. No electrical lamps. That is my goal in showing with a carriage and Summer.

Well, poor Summer's vacation is over. I brought her out of the pasture last night. Gave her a water only bath to get the crusted salt off of her from all her sweat. While I was doing that, Tracey picked all the little stickers out of her forelock. I know she was enjoying that. Tracey said Summer looked to relaxed.

Tracey and I plan to ride Saturday. Not sure if Six-O, Benbrook or Grasslands. Six-O if Kim doesn't go to her endurance ride, probably Benbrook if she does. It is close and doesn't require as much fuel to get there.

I plan to ride all three days of this long weekend, even if I hit Benbrook all three days. As I have said before, glad they have 3 different trails to use.

Well, Amanda has been driving by herself for over a week now. It was nerve racking turning her loose. I know it was more me than her being nervous. I felt like a momma bird watching her fledgling use her wings for the first time without my help.

She still has the same boyfriend, Eric. She told me that for their 6 month anniversary, he is going to get her a promise ring. I just reminder her that a promise ring doesn't promise him sex! I am trying so hard to make sure she stays a good girl. I don't shove it down her throat, well, okay, I do. But she sees enough young girls at her school pregnant, I think that alone scares her enough for me. And it was her idea to get she and Eric those abstinence rings for his birthday, and they both wear them. I never see either one without them. I constantly have to remind myself, I raised a good girl, now it's up to her.

Well, TTFN

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.
And whose hope is the Lord.
Jeremiah 17:7

Thursday, August 21, 2008

20th anniversary

Yesterday was our 20th anniversary. I can't believe we made it. I can't believe David has put up with my crap for 20 years! (smile) But I got my new/used car, the white, 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo. It is pretty, and boy am I saving $$ on gas. When I got home last night, he had me a bunch of red roses and a card. Amanda had gone to church with Eric and then out to eat. So David and I went out for a nice dinner. Saturday we are going to Winstar for a little gambling. The last time we went gambling was our 10th anniversary.

We were supposed to spend the whole weekend together, and we will. But, Sunday is another All-Out race in Denton and I told him he could go. That is if his car isn't too broke from last Friday night. The rearend broke. I will attach the video. It is the second race and his is the primered black Chevelle closet to the camera. Jesse is coming over tonight so he and David can tear it down. Keeping fingers crossed it isn't that bad. (Jesse is the guy that walks by the car before it breaks.)

Update on my pasture horse...

She has been in the pasture for a week and a half now. During the heat, rain and cool nights. I figure it is just making her stronger. She has come up every night to eat (except last night tho). I have checked her all over every night, and she looks great. She has a following of 5 other horses, so there are two small bands running out there. Silk's band and Summer's band. Sometimes they all come up together, but usually it is just Summer and her buddies.

Next weekend we start riding. Getting ready for Robber's Route. I have started buying stuff to stock my trailer. I figured since I have been spending time with the family, that putting Summer out to pasture is wonderful exercise for her. And she is looking good. She hasn't got a hay belly and she just has a spark in her eye of happiness. But next weekend is a three day weekend and I am going to ride everyday. I may just trailer to Benbrook and ride there. They have three different trails, so one for each day.

Her being out the pasture has really saved on my hay usage too. And there is PLENTY of coastal out in that pasture.

However, she is not going to like being brought back in. When the Bois D' Arc apples drop, she can't be out there. It is like a kid in a candy store, she will make herself sick on them. Then again, I need her up anyway for her exercise and such. After the ride season is over, she can go back out. I just can't describe how happy she is out there. She is just a different horse.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a beautiful sight!

There isn't anything prettier than a herd of horses galloping across a huge pasture. And what makes it a beautiful sight? When my Summer is in the middle of them galloping as hard and fast as she can.

I asked my barn owner last night if I could put Summer out to pasture with her herd for about a week and she said that would be fine. Summer doesn't test fences and has always become alpha mare when put out there. She doesn't hurt the other mares, she just has an, "I'm gonna be boss" presence about her that the other mares seem to respect. I watched this last night when I put her out. None of them tried anything with her. Not even Silk, the current alpha mare. Summer pinned those ears at a couple and they darted off. She pinned her ears, snaked her head and stomped a foot at another and it bolted away. Next thing I watched was them all grazing together and not trying to get in her business. After a few minutes of grazing, they all started moving, next thing I know, Summer is rearing up and threw a HUGH buck and started galloping and then the whole herd was off in a flash, back down to the pasture. As the Lone Ranger states, "With a cloud of dust and a hardy high hoe Silver!" they were gone.

I think there is nothing more beautiful when it comes to Summer, as when she is galloping with a herd of handsome Arabian mares.

I feel that running free like that has to be good for the body, heart and soul of a horse. Summer just looks happiest when she is in this state of being.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Catching up...

Well, not much to tell.

My mom and dad went and bought a "we are retired now and we deserve this" car. A new Mustang convertable. I can't wait to drive it this weekend. I have never driven a convertable and Amanda can't wait to drive it as she has never driven a sports car. My mom is so excited about it. She has already named it, Sally. You know, like the song, Mustang Sally. (smile)

They have a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo that is valued at $8000.00. They could have used it as a trade in and knocked a big chunk off of the new car, but they didn't. This car is 7 years old and is immaculately clean and only 45,000 miles. When they bought this car, David got the windows tinted for a Christmas present. Anywho, they are selling the car. And David told me last night that it was my anniversary present that he is buying it this weekend!!! I know it's not new, but the way my parents take care of their cars, it might as well be. As part of our anniversary, my parents are not asking 8000.00, they only asked David for $2000.00. In 12 days we will be married for 20 years. I would rather have this than a new one anyday, no car payments! I hate car payments. Even my parents hate them, that is why they are paying this car off in one year. My dad is a whiz with finances!

No much to report on Summer. She is still doing good. I am riding ever so often in the pasture. She has really got that right hand side passing down. We have even been opening gates from the right. I am real proud of her, she is a quick learner. Now if I can just take some of this junk out of my trunk, I might be able to ground mount without any aids!

I guess that is all I have for now!