Monday, July 28, 2008

Great weekend but bad beginning to this week

Friday night I went with David to watch him race. It was a test and tune night for him as his competition race isn't until next Saturday night in Denton.

He ran the fastest he has ever ran in that car Friday. He sounded like John Force he was talking so fast after he got back to the truck. John Force is a professional drag racer and he is full of adrenaline after a run, David sounded just like him, it was too funny.

Anyway, he ran a 5.62 at the 8th mile. This week he is installing a new shifter which should help him even more.

Saturday was our barn cook out and trail ride. I rode Summer in my Circle Y western saddle, it was so weird not riding in my endurance and somewhat uncomfortable, the stirrups aren't turned and they hurt my thighs and feet. I think it is broomstick time for those stirrups. We had a wonderful ride and great food. Mark and Mel brought their daughter, Maddie. She is almost 6 months old, time goes by too fast. But she is beautiful, blond hair, blue eyes and a little budda belly. She is so sweet. I will get some pictures posted today of her.

During this day, I made a decision, I have been wanting to get mine and David's living will done, everything we own of course goes to Amanda, but she is not a horse person, I have been trying to find and that one special person to will her too if, God forbid, something were to happen to me. I don't want to leave that burden on David or Amanda. I was watching Mark and he approached Summer as she was tied to the round pen. He started loving on her and hugging her and talking to her. Right then it dawned on me, Mark was the person. So I asked him if he would do this for me and he said he was so honored and said there was no question, he would give her a forever home if something happened to me. I told Barb (barn owner) and David, just in case something happen to me before I got the paper work done, that Mark and Mel was Summer's God parents. Weird how something like that just dawns on you when you aren't even thinking about it. I guess cause the whole time they were there, Summer was the only one Mark loved on.

Summer is a true safety horse:
That evening we rode out again, Kelsie, Tracey, Kanisha, Deborah, Larry and myself. We got about 3/4 mile out and Larry's gelding started to spook and Larry lost his hat. He got off and bent down to pick it up, as he did this Eagle bolted. So Summer and I kicked into our NATRC safety mode and started tracking him as Eagle doesn't know the pasture that well. We tracked him into the woods and he turned and saw us and made a bee line back to us. Unfortunately, he still didn't want to be caught and bolted past me and everyone else and back tracked the way we came from and he was gone. Well, I wanted to see if Summer was a true safety horse and didn't want Larry to have to walk all the way back to the barn. Larry climbed aboard and we rode Summer double back to the barn. She took it like a pro and never balked. So now I can honestly say she tracks loose horses, ponies and rides double.

So Saturday was a pretty nice day.

Yesterday started good and ended horrible. We went to my parents and picked up Amanda and dropped a carriage box off for my dad to build a new one. Got home ate a late lunch, went to do the dishes, picked up the crock for the crock pot out of the dish washer and my back seized up! So I am sitting home right now at this computer writing this. I have to alternate between laying, standing and sitting, plus taking Naproxin Sodium and vicodin to relieve the pain, which of course is making me drowsy. I am actually droopy eyed, and head nodding as I write. I really hope to make it to work tomorrow. I hate using my benefit time for anything else other than family and horses. (smile)

Well, gotta go lay down for awhile now.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Very proud of my hubby!

Well Sunday, David's horses finally came in. He raced at North Star Dragway at their All Out. It is kinda like what that do on that show Pinks, but not with $10,000. David won $500 in his class. I was very proud of him. I did not go though, I should have, but this fat chic just didn't want to deal with the heat, it was supposed to be 101 degrees and he said the track thermometer read 148 on the concrete!!!! OMG, I can't believe that. I swear he looked like he had dropped 10lbs when he got home that evening, maybe that 148 degrees sweated it off of him. There are no trees and you are surrounded by concrete, exhaust, and burning rubber from the tires. I told him the next evening race his does, I will go. It won't be All Out though. His class he races in is Texas Tru Ten-5 . I love to watch him race, but is really scares the hell out of me, hence why I don't go too much. His friend Jesse goes and Jess knows to call me if there is an accident. David does have all the safety stuff, roll cage, helmet, neck collar, fire suit, wheelie bar, and I am sure I have left something off. But bad things could still happen, so it still makes me nervous.

The last race I went to, was last year. Several of our friends went. At one point, one of the guys walked up to me, put his arm around me and said, "you are as nervous as a cat in a cage." I didn't realize that every time David went to line up at the tree, I began pacing. And wonder why I don't go. (smile) I probably give myself ulcers every time I do.

Anyway, just wanted to brag a little.

Here is a little mix I put together, hope it works. Turn on sound!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Been awhile since I posted...

What can I say but "same stuff, different day", at least for the most part.

Been riding at the barn a lot. Went to the LBJ Grasslands last Sunday (July 6th) with Barb, June, Denis, and Deborah. We had a WONDERFUL time. I haven't had a day so nice in a long time. We rode the 10 mile red loop as Barb's mare "C" is a greeny, but you wouldn't know it by riding with her, she was as solid if not more so than the other horses she was with, she just got a little more tuckered out than the others.

June brought her miniature horse "Little Bit" and stayed in camp to drive (cart and harness) and just walk around. She said that next time she is bringing her riding mount and going out with us. She didn't know it was going to be that nice out there.

Once we all got back from riding, Denis and Deborah brought hot dogs, links, and a little bar-b-que pit to cook them in. June brought all kinds of snacks and drinks. Before we ate tho, Barb, June and I took our horses into the pond. Summer actually drug me into the pond and headed straight to the middle and took me for a swim. She loves to swim and I just hang on to her lead rope and let her take me "skiing" of sorts. It is real fun. Then she decided to stick her nose in the water and blow for as long as she could making bubbles, Barb and June laughed so hard.

David and I were on vacation this past week to spend time with Amanda. She is 17 now and it won't be long before she is grown and gone. I actually cried about that the other day. I told David I was going to be a horrible "empty nester"! He told me I wouldn't, I would probably just buy another horse to take up my time and $$. (smile)

Tuesday (July 8th), we took Amanda and her beau Eric to Fossil Rim wildlife park, then on to the wax museum and Ripley's Believe it or Not. Eric had never been to any of that and has lived here all his life. His family is very much into their church and so every thing they do is church involved, which I really like. He is a good kid, David and I really like him. Amanda told me today that Eric really likes us too and wants to meet more of her family. Hmmmm...??? Never know, he could be my son-in-law some day.

Yesterday, Tracey and I went to the Six-O ranch to ride. We only got to ride about 14 miles, but spent to whole day out there. Not sure we will do that again any time soon. It was about 103 degrees and no pond to get in. I guess that is why I REALLY like the grasslands, I love that pond. We had planned to ride this morning out at Benbrook, but her hubby was home and I wanted to spend my last day of vacation with my family, so we decided not to go.

Got my barn chores done this morning. Got Summer's pen, trough, feed bucket, etc...cleaned and ready for her. Bought fed and got that dumped. David and I bought hay and picked up a few bales for Tracey and got that stacked this evening with Tracey's help. (Thanks girl!) BTW...GORGEOUS hay and HUGE bales.

Well, it has taken me all day off and on to write this and I think I will say ta-ta for now.