Monday, December 3, 2012

Long time no blog...

So, it's only been over a year since I have posted anything. Will try to make this brief yet interesting for any of you that still follow this blog.

Still have all my horses, Summer, Shelby and Hank.

Summer did a driving play day back in February of this year. 5 classes. She and I brought home 2 seconds and 2 thirds. I think there were 5 horses in each class and they were speed/coordination type events. She had the speed and I had to remember the pattern. And forgetting the pattern of the one class we didn't place in was what caused us that class.

Shelby and I are still doing the ranch sorting gig. I am still enjoying it. I didn't get to compete as much as I would have liked as the first 3 months of this year I was down in my back and taking lumbar injections. Then in May when I was coming back, I had a real back accident while team penning. I mean ambulance ride to the ER bad. Was shocked that nothing was broke. Haven't penned since, but still sorted the rest of the year. Hope to do better in my class next year.

Hank is still somewhat of an expensive pet. What he doesn't know is that his extended vacation is just about over.

Wow, it was brief and yet, not interesting. LOL Well, the runaway horse and buggy at the February drive was interesting (it wasn't Summer of course). And my penning accident was interesting. But, as it is just a few minutes before it is time for me to go home, I will have to save those stories for another blog.