Wednesday, November 19, 2008

STC, Christmas ride, Loretta Lynn and my mom

Let's see...

On November 8th, Summer and I competed in an Supreme Trail Challenge. It was okay. I wasn't to fond of the way the P&R's were done. But again, that is why we have so many different types of trail competitions to choose from. Her first two P&R's were horrid. She was not held, but they were high. However, on a good note, I know why they were high. Excitement at the first one and a HUGE spook right before the second one. The third one was right on and good.

We didn't place, but I wasn't looking too. I was there because they needed entries and I wanted to see my friends.

I was tired too. Mentally and physically. We had just done the NATRC Last Chance ride the weekend prior. I usually take the weekend after a NATRC ride off and spend with my family. I may pleasure ride, but no competing. So I was just pooped.

Summer is enjoying her time off. She is being worked, but it is ground work. And I am working on re-bonding with her. All this competing seems to have fractured our bond. I know that sounds odd, but I can tell.

She will be competing at the Christmas ride, but Barbara Cooper will be riding her. I am not chasing points this year, so Barb is competing in Novice Lightweight. Once again I am a little nervous about letting someone else ride her. Barb has never ridden her and she has never ridden a gaited horse. However, I trust Barb if Summer starts to act silly. I have watched as her horse Roc has had little fits and such and Barb was real patient with him.

This next weekend I am taking my mom and Amanda to see Loretta Lynn in concert at Billy Bob's. My mom is so excited. I am going to take them to eat in the stock yards Saturday and maybe shopping then walk back to Billy Bob's for the concert. We have never done this before and I can put it in the same memory file as our trail riding day together. Maybe I can get her and Amanda out there this Sunday for a trail ride. That would be fun!

Okay, gotta go.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Last Chance CTR

Summer saying to Beau, "Give me a kiss baby." LOL

Well, it's over. Thank goodness!
Summer didn't place again. I wasn't as saddened this time. Notice I said "as saddened". Yes, I was a little disheartened. We had a MUCH better ride this weekend then at Horsemasters. The vet judge was all about trailability and not metibolics or soundness. But again, I brought home a sound and healthy horse, so I can say I won this ride.

I did place 5th in horsemanship at this ride. I had never ridden under this HMS judge, so it was different. He is the only judge that didn't like the way I trotted my horse out. Oh well, I don't care, the we I do it, to me, is the most safe, and apparently, all the other HMS judges like the way I do it too. So, I will go with the majority, and stick with my one step at a time method.

Saturday was a 20 mile ride and to me, it just flew by. I felt I had a good ride, with some occasional bobbles here and there. Nothing dangerous, just little "oopsies". I rode with George and his Spotted Saddle horse Beau most of the day. These two horses pace so well together that we have ridden most of these rides together. And if one of us has to go find a pink or blue bush, the other holds both horses and they stand so quietly together. It is like the calm each other down. Sunday was only supposed to be an 11 mile day. Well, several of us went down the wrong trail. It was bad. We followed that trail for approximately 2 miles before we realized we had screwed up. Next thing I know, we are turned around and hauling butt back to where we made the mistake. George was behind me most of the time, but the next thing I knew, we lost him. I was following two Mustang riders and we were just flat out moving. It was real wooded and it felt like we were pole bending thru the woods. I bet we moved out for about 3 miles and next thing I know, we hit an obstacle! CRAP! The horses are up and ready to keep going. Well, Becky goes first and aces it. Summer steps up and it is a right handed gate. We are still working on those but she does real good. Her side pass to the right was a little bobbley, and we lost 1 point, but I was proud of her. The other Mustang would not hear of opening that gate, so the judge had to do it. Next thing I know, one of the ladies said, we are going to have to canter the last 2 miles. I have never cantered Summer that far! But my goodness, she did it! She never spooked, bobbled, stumbled or anything. And she FLEW around those trees and corners. She got a compliment from Becky (Becky and Thief were behind us cantering). Becky said it looked like Summer was barrel racing. Well, we have been working on pole bending and bending around the barrels at our barn, so I guess it did help!

We crossed the finish with about 5 minutes to spare. But I was so upset. I have never pushed Summer so hard. She was just panting. I was in tears but had several experienced NATRCers that know me and Summer pretty well tell me that Summer would be just fine. She was fit and would be okay. I appreciated it, but that didn't help. I was still upset. After about 10 minutes, her breathing was back to base line and she had drank good and was munching on hay.

When we went to line up for check out, there was a side pass, in hand to the right, over a log. Aced it! Even the HMS judge asked everyone in line, "did you see that?" I asked if I had done okay, and he said perfect. Everyone in line, including him, clapped. LOL That made me feel good. Summer checked out sound, and with good metibolics. Even tho this judge didn't seem to notice the other lame horses, I still watch closely when I am doing her circles if she takes a mis-step. And she was good.

Now, I am an anal person when it comes to calculating points. If I am correct, for year-end points, Beau is in second place and Summer is in third. For horsemanship, I am in second place and George in is third. When you add our points up for team awards, both George and I have an added total of 164 points, which means we would tie for second place in the team awards! Wouldn't that be cool!!!! Both of us getting a red our first year competing on our gaited horses! I so hope my calculations are correct. It would be such an honor for me, if Summer and I tied with George and Beau.

Well, I will just keep my fingers crossed that I am correct and finish this year tieing with such a nice man and wonderful horsemen.