Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 2011 SWTPA / NATRC

What a great show!

I FINALLY worked up the nerve to team pen. And it was AWESOME! I loved it! I love the speed of it and the action of it.

I had been wanting to try for sometime now, but just never worked up the nerve to throw my name in the draw. Well, I finally just did it. I rode with a man named Syd and Felicia's son, Coy. It was so fun! There were 14 teams and we got third place. No money as it only paid first and second, but I earned another 8 points for year end. Won't matter much tho as I only have like 14 points anyway, but now I have 22. LOL

We had 3 head on our first go. Syd and Coy got 2 head and the third one just pealed it's way out of the herd right in front of me. So I started hollering pen, pen, pen. I was the hole person and Syd and Coy were the wing and swing. One of the cows got past Coy and ran back towards the herd. It was too late to do anything so we penned the 2 we had. On our second go, Coy pealed out one good and one trash. I didn't stop the trash so had to haul butt after it down the arena wall. I finally headed it and turned it back and chased the crap out of it. Again, Coy pulled one good and one trash out of the herd. We were running out of time, so brought them both down to the pen. This time Syd was the hole and Coy was the wing and I was the swing. Coy took off after the trash and hollered at me to pen. So I penned our 1 cow and threw my hand in the air as we waited on Coy to push the trash back past the foul line. We finished the a total of 3 head and third place. Yes, I am hooked!

I sorted 3 times in the 3 class. My partners were Vicki, Mike and my draw was Katie, their niece. Mike and I got 3, Vicki and I got 4 and Katie and I busted. No short runs for me this month. But I wasn't distraught about it. The cows were tough and we did the best we could for novices. Even though I had no short goes, I was real happy with our performance. Shelby and I are starting to click. Slow as it may be, we are getting there. I am finally learning to set her back and then turn her when working the hole and we didn't let one cow get past us even though the pressure was on!

The Wednesday prior to the show, I did take a lesson with James and it was a good one. He only corrected me once. My moves were good, Shelby and I are working better as a team all the time, so I am real happy with that. James even commented on how Shelby has really calmed down. He even said again that he knew I would be good for her.

Summer is really coming along and getting fit for our job as Safety Chair for the Benefit NATRC ride in September. It is the weekend of the 10th. We do about 3 good conditioning rides a week and on the weekend we do long slow distance in the pasture with some moving out. Even if we have to hit every trail 3 or 4 times. I may get bored, but it is for her benefit and health.

I bought Hank the Hackney Pony back. Hank has dropped a considerable amount of weight. David was very upset a couple of weeks ago when he saw him. When I was leasing him from Barb, he was being fed twice a day as he is a hard keeper. I wish he was an air fern, but he isn't. When I relinquished my leash on him, Barb only fed him once a day. That wasn't working, and he started loosing weight. Then she was going to sell him. He was in no condition to sell as he needed to gain about 50 pounds. I literally wanted to be sick every time I thought about him leaving. So I talked to her about him and asked how much. She told me. I told her I wanted to buy him out right. So she cut the price in half and starting crying as she was so happy I was buying him. Even David was glad that Hank is back with us. Plus, when we get our own place, Hank will be the third horse I was planning on getting anyway as I wanted a companion horse for when Summer or Shelby had to leave for work.

Chompers has a new home. I have given him to my driving instructor Denise. Her barn isn't ready yet, but should be done in fall, then he will be leaving. I love that little pony, but she will take him somewhere as far as showing. He will be awesome in the show ring and Denise is the one that can take him there! So I am excited as they will be a good match, much like Hank and I.