Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update on me and my equines

Been a bit since I have posted about my four legged, hoofed critters. So here it gos...

Summer was turned out on a 100 acres for about 4 weeks while her pen was having fresh dirt hauled in. It took awhile for them to finish as the rain would hold up progress. While out, Summer became Alpha mare, as usual. But she is a good leader, she is not too vicious with the other mares. I do see her get crabby when I am out there visiting with them. She pushes the other girls away from me and won't let them get close. Jealousy maybe. Anyway, I am sure she has gained a least 70lbs. I had to drop her girth one hole, which is about 2 inches. But she is a much happier girl when she is out romping with the herd. I may turn her back out in a week or so for a bit as I need to focus on Hank and get him ready for his/our first show in July.

On July 25th, he and I will be competing in our first arena driving trial at . I am so excited and nervous. When Hank is good, he is REALLY good. But when he is bad, it takes patience and nerves when he acts up. He acted up the other day when we had a mini drive day at the barn. All the action had him up. Hackney Ponys are like miniature Arabs. Full of spirit and energy. Always ready to go and very faithful, but when they are having an off day, it shows. I can say that as I had a few Arabs in my horse life time. When he is a toot, I am always thinking of a plan of action. It won't hurt to fall out of the cart, but if I let that happen and he bolts with the cart chasing him, he may never drive again. And that is always in the back of my mind, "Don't let him get hurt." Anyway, after a short time during the drive, he did settle and I received many compliments on him. I was also told that this ADT would be a great way to show him as it is wonderful for greenies such as he and I.

Chompers is doing great. He was to be gelded this past Monday, but when my vet learned that he was about 14 yoa, she didn't do it. She is uncomfortable doing an older stallion in an unsterile area. She said that older stallions bleed a lot and wants me to have him cut at a hospital and wants me to wait until November to do so. So the lucky boy gets to keep his gems for 6 more months. She also checked his teeth the other day, and due to his teeth, she is going to have to buy a mini speculum just to do them. They have huge hooks in the front and she can't do them by hand. However, they are not interferring with his eating or his bit. He just looks like he is smiling all the time. LOL BTW, a mini speculum is about $500! OMGosh! But with her mini patients growing, she needed to buy one anyway.

I have not been riding much. We (Barb, June, Tracey and I) have been getting the trails ready for a weekend pleasure drive/ride on June 6/7. They are looking great. Mark and Mel are coming out this weekend for a ride. Mel isn't riding as she is to be a mommy again. But is bringing her new mini Appy pony out for a driving lesson with Barb.

Tracey finally drove her first horse during our little drive the other day. She drove miniature horse Sir Jerret, who belongs to June. I think she had fun. At least she looked like it with that smile on her face! LOL We might have her hooked, but she said she only wants to do hazards and cones. Which are a blast because they are speed events. Course, once she sees a driven dressage test, she may like that too as it is pretty to watch.

Well, TTFN

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Humble Yourself

I just realized that I hadn't posted in over a month. I need to post about the Parrie Haynes ride and will get to that later. But I found a devotional today that I just have to post on my blog as I know that it will then post on Facebook. Here it goes:

Humble Yourself

Let this same attitude and purpose and [humble] mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your example in humility].
Philippians 2:5

Humility come from brokenness; brokenness hurts so bad, but it "hurts good". Brokenness comes when we learn that we are not hotshots after all. Brokenness comes when we judge others, and then realize that we do that same things they do. Brokenness comes when we think we are going to step out and do something great, and then fall flat on our face because we forgot to stay plugged in to God.

Brokenness come when we give our opinion, knowing that we are absolutely right to the point of arguing about it, and then find that we are wrong. Brokenness is good for us. Brokenness leads to humility, and humility precedes honor. (see Proverbs 15:33)

Joyce Meyer