Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My baby is 18...

On the weekend of March 14th, Amanda, Mom and I took a 4 day trip to Altus. Amanda's birthday is March 16th and that is what she wanted to do for her birthday. Her birthday falls on her Spring break and every year she went and spent spring break with Granny. I had a bad feeling that this was going to be a sad four days as Granny will be gone for a year on March 26th. But I also knew, Granny wouldn't want us dwelling on her not being with us. Because, I guess in a way, she was. We stayed at Aunt Doris' house, she is Granny's baby sister. Her daughter, Sandy, stayed the first night with us as Aunt Doris had to go be with her other daughter, Pat, who's husband is very ill from cancer and they live near Killeen, TX. We were heart broke that we wouldn't get to see her, but totally understood.
Anyway...we ended up having a great time. Only a few tears shed on the trip to there. Once in Altus, we headed to Sandy's house. Sandy now lives in Granny's house and as of this weekend, will be buying it. We are very glad, as I know that none of us want to see some stranger living there, it would be too hard.
Saturday, we just hung out and visited with all kinds of cousins. Sunday, David's parents picked up Amanda for church, took her out to eat and then shopping. While they were gone, Sandy, mom and I, planned a little surprise party for Amanda. We got her the really pretty cake with gorgeous blue roses on it. (a little story) When Amanda was a little toot, mom and she would go grocery shopping, Amanda would see birthday cakes and tell mom, "Nanny, get me a Happy Birthday to me, birthday cake." Well, this weekend, we got her just that. The lady at Walmart did a fabulous job of putting those words on that cake.
And here is a picture of the cake, to bad we cut into it before we thought to take a picture:

Of course, with Amanda and the gross factor, had to show us her blue tongue. Of course, the rest of us had to follow suit: *****************************************Sandy
************************************Me and mom

Granny would be so proud. Come to think of it, I am sure she is. (smile)
Some other family came over to for cake, but no pictures of them. Cousin Susan and her daughter Tanya with her two boys, Mason and Aaron.
On Monday, Amanda, Mom and I went to the cemetary and put new artifical flowers on Granny's grave and I put a little angel on her head stone. Mom placed Tracey's collar around the angel. Tracey was Granny's poodle. She lived with mom and dad for the past year and a week before this trip, they had to put her down. It was very hard on everyone. I think because it was one of the last connections to Granny before she died. Anyway, it was somewhat a hard day. But still not as bad as I thought it would be, for that I am grateful.
Aunt Doris had to come home on this day as well. Her back was hurting real bad and she had to come home and go see her doctor. I hated that she was not feeling well, but glad that we got to see her.
All in all, we had a wonderful trip. It went smoothly and we got so much visiting of family in that it was more happy than it was sad. Thank you Lord.

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txtrigger said...

Well happy birthday to her!!! Sounds like you spent some good times with the family, even those who were no longer with you body, but still with spirit