Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yes, this IS an obsession!

Okay, I am sure that the folks that read my blog (only because you are board! LOL) may not know much about drag racers and their names (I only know a couple myself). Most of you do know however, that my hubby drag races. So, I get to watch it on TV at home. I do enjoy watching it with him, and my favorite racer is John Force. I have recently compared myself with John as after he finishes his run he is just FULL of adrenalin. It is fun to watch him when they interview him after a race. He is loud, and very hyper when he talks. You can just tell that he still loves what he does after all these years (about 25 of them). So I have had to apologize to some folks when I talk about sorting. I get loud, hyper and just reved up. I get all "John Force"y. LOL

I attended a private clinic Saturday morning with a small group of ladies that are beginners such as myself but very much serious about the sport. It was so fun and Summer was really on. We each even got to do a run with the pro/instructor. And that was real fun.

When I got there, we all saddled up and warmed up in the deep sandy arena. Summer was a running walk fool and it was fun to watch James (instructor) watch her go around the arena. He started asking me questions about her different gaits and how I learned the difference in each one. I just told him it took me about 2 years to tell the difference as she has about 9 different gaits, from dog walk to gallop and everything in between.

We had a real good 2 1/2 hours. It was me and 4 other beginners, and another lady (a rating of 4 sorter) who kind of acted as an assist for James outside the pens when we had questions while he worked with a team in the pens. I just got so much out of it.
Sunday we went to the arena and I started off not doing to well. I guess I had other things on my mind. One of the pro guys named Pete said he would run with me early in the day and we got 5 in. So, either he made me look good or I made him look bad! LOL But my theory is, if a pro runs with a beginner, they know what they are getting into. LOL Later in the day, I ran with Starla and we got 5, then my last run I went with Cynthia and we got 4.

**********************Connie and I waiting for the words, "flag is up"

Not bad as I did get about 9 runs in that day. A few were busts right away, so that is probably why I was able to go so many times. James was there and was giving us, that went to his place Saturday, side line instruction, which I thought was just super cool of him to do.

*******************Summer and I bringing one through the hole

*****Once you get the calf in, you got to turn quickly to guard the hole.

*************Connie guarding the hole while my calf and 2 bad ones come to her

************************Summer and I in the hole

I really tried to put into use everything that he taught. There were a few times I caught myself making a mistake and I would try to correct it before it was a major boo-boo.

I think my major issue is getting to fast and trying to hard for my level. I think I am getting ahead of myself and my abilities at this point. I know I need to back off a bit and learn more. Just quit getting so dang excited! I guess I just watch those pro-am folks and the speed they go at and I think, "I can do that!" But, Summer is not ready for that and I need more learning. James said that two things that Summer needs to work on, and that they both would come with time and experience is, seperating the herd when there are a bunch standing together, and if too many come at the hole at once while we are guarding it. He said she get nervous. And I know that, cause while he can see it, I can feel it. But, he said, she is very responsive to me and that could be why she is doing what I ask her to do. She may be nervous on those two issues, but she is doing it. Her strongest issue I think is, once we get our calf between her and the wall, she is all business.

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txtrigger said...

Glad you two are having so much fun!!! Hope we still get to see you at the NATRC rides. Oh, cute photos, but something was missing.... Hummmmmmmmmmm....... (please be careful !!)