Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011 SWTPA

This was a good day for Shelby and I. Once again, I tried out what penning skills I may or may not have and I was very happy with the end results.

I knew I was going to do one run in the 6 penning, which is for novices only. However, right before the 10 pen was to start, they needed 3 novice folks to round out the class. (the 10 class is for Pro/Am and novice) They asked me a couple of times and I said no. This class is for much better riders/competitors than I. Well, they kept calling out that they needed 1 more novice rider. I looked at Anthony and said I just wasn't good enough for that class. He then told me I was and I should do it. So I did. I drew up with 2 guys and then learned that one of them was well known across the states as one of the best penners there is. WOW! Now I was nervous! I told Anthony who I drew up with and he told me how to ride with him. DK also gave me some etiquette advice on how to act when running with folks of this caliber. That way, they learn to respect you as someone trying to learn if you respect their talents/abilities. I was totally okay with all the advice I was getting. So when it was our turn, I told them that this was only my second time and said what DK told me to say. Both guys were very nice and very helpful. Mr. Lesh then told me how he wanted me on the flank of his horse and how he wanted me to work and it was spot on what Anthony had already told me. Well, we got all 3 head on our first go! It was wicked awesome!!! There were like 25 teams in this class. On our second go we only got 1, but that is okay, I still had a blast. I think we got like 5th place. So I ain't complaining!

In the 6 penning, I drew up with Jason, who boards his horses at James' and we have sorted together before, so I knew he was a strong rider. And I drew with Sid again, just like last month. There were 18 teams in this class. We knew to qualify for the short go we needed 2 head, so that is what we did. On the short go we got 1 head and 3rd place. Once again, not complaining! I can't believe that I have only penned 3 times ever and have placed all 3 times. I am starting to think that maybe penning is my true calling and not sorting.

I sorted 5 times and did not have one short go. Not all the busts were my fault, but I'm just not doing very well right now in sorting. Robin used to talk about that "wall" you run into, I think I am not only running into it, but slamming into it head on! LOL

I am not giving up on sorting, but maybe I need to take a step back, re-group and quit over thinking it. I really do think that I am way over thinking it.

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