Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting ready for rides...

Well, my hubby got a lot of work done on my trailer this weekend. Lights, hay manger, dressing room door, metal molding, center divider, the hitch, the roof and I know a couple of other little things. But, now it is usuable. It still needs some cosmetic surgery, but it is now functionally sound. I took it to a car wash last night, only had a couple of dollars in quarters, but it looks a lot cleaner than it did. I just need to do some spot cleaning now. I was in a hurry to get my trailer done because, well, first of all he promised to get this stuff done, second, it will be going on its first CTR with me on the first weekend in April to the Parrie Haynes, Deep in the Heart of Texas ride. That is, unless I hitch a ride and split gas with someone.

This weekend, Liz and I will be going to the Oklahoma Land Run in Stillwater, OK. Once again, I am excited and nervous. And once again, I hope we just finish sound. This is the first ride Summer and I did in 2006 and her metabolics were horrid. She still placed 6th out of 10 horses, but had she not lost 7 metabolic points, she would have had a perfect 100 on her score card because her obstacles were great. Hopefully, with the conditioning I have been trying to do with her, she will do better with her mets. I did buy some electrolytes just in case, but hope I do not need them.

Please keep us in your prayers that we have a safe trip and a safe ride.


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