Friday, May 2, 2008

A weekend Summer drive...

Well, while most everyone I know will be at the Supreme Trail Challenge in Decatur, Summer and I will be honing our driven dressage, or at least try to remember the test. I have driven her the last three nights, getting her used to blinders. I drove her the first year in an open bridle and she does just fine with that, but not too fond of the blinders. However, she is doing pretty good. For driving shows, she has to wear them, so we have no choice. I am also going to work on our wooden roadcart tomorrow and try to make it show ready. I asked Barb (barn owner) if she could get her guys to strip the old paint off as soon as possible. She said yes and that will cost me about $60, but they did a real good job on her carriages. Then I have to fix a stress fracture on a shaft, it is just cosmetic, so no harm. I need to find the back to the seat and re-attach that. So I will be busy tomorrow. I will get Amanda to help and and pay her a little bit too.

I love doing NATRC but I love driving too. To have that animal listen to you and the only control you have is the reins and bit, is pretty thrilling. Summer is already learning to trot on command. But it helps that I am learning how to que her with the reins. Being that she is a Tennessee Walker, if I hold the reins a little to tight, she will break into a running walk, pace, rack, anything but a trot. If I hold the reins up and a little loose, she will go into a trot. Which is what I want for the show. Her trot is ROUGH to ride, but looks so pretty when she is under harness and hooked to a cart. We (Barb, Paula and I) put her between the shafts of the wooden cart last night and I was disappointed that I will have to put shaft extensions on it for it to work. But at least I have a set, I just need to clean them up.

Well, gotta go to work!

Thought for the day:
God rested after six days of work,
and the world didn't collapse.
What makes us think it will if we do?

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