Friday, May 23, 2008

Cass County CTR

Well, I wasn't going to do it cause it is going to be hot and humid. This ride is on the weekend of June 14/15. But with gas prices continuing to SOAR, not climb gradually, but SOAR, I don't know if I will be making the Last Chance CTR in Oklahoma in November. For all I know, it will be $5.00 a gallon by then and that is a 5 hour drive. Cass County is about 3 hours away.

I am thankful that it has been hot and humid here right now and I have been able to ride Summer in it. I know it will be worse there, but this will help some. Our pasture is 100 acres of wooded and thick terrain with a gulley that has a trail through it. So I have been gaiting her and riding her hard and then taking her in the gulley to walk and catch her breath. The gulley has no breeze and air is kinda thick. This will help Summer some get ready for the ride. Cause that is the way the air is going to be there, thick, hot and muggy, and she has to learn to breath in it.

She has put on a little hay belly since the last ride, even tho I have been driving and riding her. I bought this hay down the road, and it is primo hay, I would love to know the protein content of it. I am not feeding her anymore than the last hay I got, but it must be good.

Anyway, after I get her feet done Saturday, she and I are going to do some real riding. I am going to ride her in the pasture as usual, but twice. The first time at a fast, moving out speed, lots of gaiting and maybe some trotting, then the second time, a good fast flat walk. If you hit all the trails out there, you can get a 5 mile ride, so I figured 10 miles will be good. Then we may even go back out and cut trail in the evening. That works her mind and while I cut trail from her back, she gets to graze. So it's a win win situation for us.

I am missing the ride this weekend cause it is a 7 hour drive and I am not comfortable going that distance with Summer, by myself. Call me what you will, (sissy, chicken, etc...), but I err on the side of caution. But I wish everyone that goes a safe ride and happy trails. Especially my friend Jenny and her boy Magic. They are kicking butt this year!!! WOOHOO, go Jenny and Magic!!!!



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