Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fund raiser and my next CTR

My next CTR is this coming weekend at the LBJ Grasslands in Decatur, TX. I have ridden safety there for the past three years, so this will be my first competing ride. Wish us luck.

My main topic for the post is a fund raiser that several folks I know are doing. It too will be at the LBJ Grasslands the weekend after next. So Summer ain't gonna know what hit her. (smile) It will actually be a nice slow ride with a bunch of folks I know who are trying to raise money for a common good.

Please go to my link: and check out both links attached within. I may have shot my goal too high as I know the economy is hurting right now. But it is for a cause that is worthy. My hubby has donated the first $100 for me, but any amount will help. (Course I told him what he would be donating) (smile) Whether it be $10 or $100, it all goes to the same final cause. So if you read this, and you can help, please do.

Thank you,
Tammy and Summer

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