Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just stuff...

Mia is still the same. She keeps on keeping on. I am glad. She is still eating well, playful and loving. That hole is still under her ear. She keeps that open by scratching. It is still kind of ooky, but I do my best to keep the drainage clean. She decided it was time for David and I to wake up at 5am this morning instead of 6am. She walked all over us and next thing I know, she is sitting on David's head. LOL When we did finally get up, she was done with us. Little fart.

Libby the Bulldog is so spoiled. She is now allowed to lay on the love seat if the blanket is on it. I think she knows this because if the blanket is not there, she doesn't get on it. What is funny is if Amanda is laying on the love seat with a blanket, Libby will try to climb up there with her and push her off. It is pretty funny to watch.

David worked on my horse trailer this weekend and I am so happy this work got done. The trailer is not near new and isn't pretty. But it is functional. Got the edge of the step up where the horses go in fixed up with new angle iron. Now I don't have to worry about when horses step in or out of the trailer and getting cut by that crappy, rusted and tore up edge that was there. He also fixed the center divider, and put some seam sealer on some areas that was leaking into the tack compartment. He wants to buy all new wood and replace everything this summer and paint it. I am excited about that.

Amanda is going to a cosmetologist event this weekend. She fixed up her manikins head hair, makeup and a scarf. It is a competition. I hope she places well. The hair do looks like it is fit for a bridesmaid. Very pretty.

Summer and I are still getting ready for our first CTR of the year. If you remember, she and Barb Cooper rode the Christmas ride, which is actually the first ride of the 2009 season. They did very well. I was proud of them both. And it was Dr. Carter who gave Summer the second place ribbon. Now I hope I do just as well with and for her at the Scamper.



Tracey said...

Still keeping your sweet kitty in my prayers.

Tammy in TX said...

Thanks girl. She is such a good cat. It will be hard to let her go when it is time.