Monday, February 9, 2009

NATRC R4 Mini Convention weekend

WOW! What a fun weekend I had. This was my 4th year in NATRC, 3rd mini-convention to go too and 1st time receiving year end awards. What was I waiting for!?! You don't realize how pretty they are until you earn one.

Friday I drove to Becky's house in Argyle. She, Nancy and I were going to ride to Wilburton, OK together. I got there a little early, 11am. We visited, loaded her SUV with her stuff and my stuff and just hung out until Nancy got there at noon. At about 12:30pm, we were on the road. Due to us dinking around, stopping to shop at Tractor Supply and then meeting up with Amy to eat lunch, we got to the lodge at about 5:30. But the time really seemed to fly when you are riding with "two wild and crazy girls" like Becky and Nancy.

Friday night we visited and totally acted silly. Kate L. and Amy came back to our room and visited until about 11:45pm. We were so glad that we were on the end of the lodge and that the only room next to us was empty, cause we were kinda loud! Laughter is a contagious thing!

Saturday we awoke, got ready and a pounding occured at our door. Amy and Kate were there and ready to go hiking. Amy found out that there were guided tours of the caves and it was great. Becky, Nancy, Amy, Kate L, Kate K, Ginger, Mary, Katie W and myself headed to the parking lot and waited for our guide. It was absolutely beautiful. I told David that we were going to take a mini vacation up there. Our guide was Jackie. She did a great job and I got some great pictures. The big cave, Robbers Cave, was very cool. All of us ladies climbed inside to the very back and asked another tour member to take a pic, it turned out great. I will post some pictures when I get them downloaded.

We got back to the lodge and not long after, lunch was served. After lunch we sat in on the general meeting. Once that over, we headed back to our room for some chill time before the banquet and awards ceremony.

The banquet was wonderful. Good food amongst good company. And about 5 bottle of wine. LOL

The awards ended at about 9:30. I was tired as was Nancy. Becky earned a traveling trophy and was really pumped and ready to party more. She said this was her first TT. Very cool for her. I was very happy. However, very tired. The beds were pretty hard so did not get good rest on Friday night. Nancy and I grabbed a bottle of water each and just chilled on our rooms back porch. It over looked a rock ledge and the view was just gorgeous. The moon was full so you could see real well.

Next morning was getting ready, packing, loading and then to church. It was a nice service, as they always are. After our goodbyes, we headed home. Again, the time seemed to just fly by as we talked and laughed.

I got back to my barn at about 2:30pm. I had such a good weekend that I had to top it off with a ride on Summer. I saddled up and Tracey and I headed out. It was a good ride that was the perfect end to a great weekend.

Oh! D'oh...

Forgot to add, Summer received year end, third place horse. I received year end second place HMS and she and I earned second place team for our division. We placed second to Justin and Lilly and tied with George and Beau. It was a real honor. And Summer received a Novice/CP High Point TWH for 2008 award. I am very proud of her.

Also, I want to publicly thank Tracey and Patti. Thank you two ladies so much for sponsoring my awards. You both are just too kind. Thank you.

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