Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trinity Trails ride with friends....

Well, I didn't realize how long ago this had been, but here it goes.

Saturday, September 20th, Tracey and I went to the Trinity Trails in Fort Worth. I have driven Summer on those trails, but never ridden them. It was quite nice and not muddy like every other place there was to ride.
We met Cythia and Emily there and a couple of other boarders (Sarah and John) from our barn came with us. The weather was gorgeous and it is kinda cool riding near the city. Don't have much to write about as it was a month ago today, but have lots of pics. Here you go:

*************************The city of Fort Worth to the right.
**************Summer's ears and Fort Worth...what a combination!

Fixing to ride under a train trussle, that is Cyn and Em in front of us.

*****************A metal recycle facility...pretty huh? LOL

******************************The Trinity River

**************************Under University St bridge

Very pretty trails through here. There was a large cemetery on the left. And the horses were a little spooky as there were people there that they could hear but not see. LOL

The pedestrian bridge we had to cross. It was little creepy for me but the horses took it in stride. It is used for runners, walkers, bicyclist and of course us.

******Cyn, Em, Sarah and John in the lead to cross the pedi bridge.

Here we go. Actually, this was the fourth time to cross such a bridge. We crossed this one going out and then crossed another one a short time later. We crossed the other one coming back and this one again going back to our trail head. I took pictures this time as I knew Summer didn't care about crossing them. I wasn't sure what her reactions were going to be the first couple of times and didn't want to take a chance dropping my camera if she boogered at something.

***************On the pedi bridge looking to the right.

***********************Trinity River looking towards Main St. bridge

Summer and I after the Main St. bridge with the Tarrant County court house and the Tandy towers in the back ground.

Crossing the wooden Davis Bridge. I drove across this when we drove our carts and buggies out here. My most favorite driving picture of Summer is her crossing this bridge while hitched to a cart.

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