Monday, December 21, 2009

Cowboy Mounted Shooting

What a fun weekend I had. Don't know if I could say the same for Summer, but Toni said she did great for her first time of being shot off of. She never tried to bolt or buck. Every time the gun went off she would jump a bit and "bop" her head. I guess I would jump a bit too if someone was on my back and shooting a .45 off of me. LOL We didn't put earplugs in her ears because she has a right ear issue ever since I bought her. So after we were done, Kelley showed me a trick to putting the earplugs in her ears and it worked! So next time, she will be wearing them.
The top picture is of me shooting strong hand and the above picture I am shooting weak hand. When shooting in a competition, there are some balloons that you may have to cross your strong hand over the horse and shoot on its other side. So I shot from both sides of her to see her reaction and to let her know that the horrid noise would be coming from both sides. She reacted no different from either side.

This picture is our first cross shot and she did fine.

I shot about 30 rounds off of her. Toni didn't want to push her but totally believes Summer is going to do just fine in this sport should I decide to do it. I love shooting guns and I love riding horses. So why not combine the two? But I need to be careful and not spread myself too thin financially. I love sorting, so I am not giving that up. I really enjoy driving, so I am not giving up the Driving Trail Challenges. And she is too good at competitive trail rides to let that talent go to waste, so I can't give that up. Hmmmm? What to do, what to do. Guess I will have to give up something "non"-horsey to afford another new venue.
I told Toni that if she didn't think Summer would be good at this, to please, please let me know. She firmly believes, Summer is going to be good at this too. She told me that Summer reacted great to her first shoot. I told her that I initially bought Summer for trail riding. But Summer has surpassed my expectations as a horse. I never thought I would be driving her. Never dreamed I would be working cows on her and actually winning money doing that. Now shooting!?! She has gone above and beyond anything I could have hoped for in a horse. I know I say it all the time, but I am truly blessed to have this lovely creature in my life.
Oh, and while at Toni's, Summer decided to be buds with Baxter the Angus steer.

I snapped this picture right before they actually touched noses. It was so cute!

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Tracey said...

Way to go sure looked like you were having fun out there.