Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This year is almost at an end...

Where did it go?

I have watched my little girl become a young lady.

I have been reminded by actions and by my heart that I am married to a great man.

I have learned that I have a "do-it-all" horse.

And I have learned that ponies can be as great as a horse.

I have gained new friendships and have had old friendships lost. I rejoice in one and am a little saddened by the other.

I have known the birth of a new life and the loss of old friends.

I have watched history be made and records be broken.

I have become a year older and two years wiser.

What will next year hold? Joy, sadness, gain and loss. Who knows. All I do know is this: Keep your faith strong, keep your loved ones close, charish your time on this earth, build your riches in heaven and do as Tim McGraw sings about and live like you were dying. Because when the Lord calls you home, you can't refuse.

Stay strong my friends who read this, and to stangers who may read this as well and have a Blessed and Happy New Year.

God Bless,
Tammy and her herd.

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