Monday, May 3, 2010

Another blessed weekend...gone to soon.

Another sorting lesson at James'. Summer was very tense at first for about 20 seconds. Then her Quarter Horse spirit kicked in then she was all about the cow. I even had to pull her back 3 times to keep her from biting them. I let her get whisker close then tweaked her back a little.

I asked James why she is so good at his place, but gets nervous at the arena. He just said, it was all the excitement and the PA system. He said I would be surprised at how many horses are like that. He said that she would never be a Dunny (his prize horse), but she is doing things that she isn't supposed to be doing. You just don't see to many walking horses doing this sport. He gave me some more pointers on what I can do to help her. As a team I guess we are 60/40. 60% me and 40% her. My big mouth and aggressive behavior really helps her when we are working the gate/hole. Her positive role in our team is that she responds to me. Even when I feel her tense up, I give her a little spur and push her forward and she does it. She could easily, ignore the spur and just run for the hills, but she doesn't. And for that, I am grateful. I remember when we first started this, I have to say, she is MUCH better than she used to be when it comes to her fear issues.

I have another horse that I am going to take to James' when Summer and I have our next semi private lesson. She is a 9yoa Arab that is cow bred. Her sire and grand sire were cutting horses. But just because she is cow bred doesn't mean she is cowy. But all we can do is try and find out. If not, maybe Competitive Trail Riding will be her calling.

After our lesson, we got back to the barn and June, Tracey and I worked some trails out in the pasture, I was very pleased with what we got done. Also feel very blessed that those two help as much as they do. There is no way I could keep those trails up by myself.

Sunday was just spent at the barn. Sarah and I helped Barb doctor one of her horses that had a severe laceration on her left hind leg. June, Debbie and I took a ride on the mule down to the pasture to show Debbie what we get to enjoy everyday. (Debbie is June's grandson's girlfriend's mom. Whew.) Then went on a nice little ride with Tracey and Amira to finish this beautiful day.

Good weekend, hated to see it end.

Happy Trails!

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