Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jaws at James', Minnow at the Arena...

I think it's me, but not sure.

Summer is a shark at James' during lessons. But is more timid at the arena. Is it me?

At James' she is pinning those ears and snaking that head and has on occasion, bit a cow in the rump. Our last lesson she was right on those cows, pushing them and just showing all kinds of cow horse potential. But this past Saturday at the competition, she was tense, and nervous about going to get our cow. I mean, we did have two short runs out of 77 teams, so I am not complaining there. But what's different?

Is it me? Or is it the difference in James' place verses all the action at the arena?

I know I am more relaxed during lessons which I know transfers to her. And of course, during any competition, I get butterflies in my stomach. Which again, I know transfers to her. But during our other sports, she still does fine even if I am a bit nervous.

Maybe it is just a combination of both. My nerves and the location. Just something I need to work on. She has proved too many times that she can do this. Maybe not to the caliber of an open cow horse, but definitely a novice cow horse.

Thanks for reading and Happy Trails!

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