Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Exciting things going on!

There is just so much that is going on in my life right now. Well, maybe not a lot to some, but it seems like a lot to me.

Still sorting of course. But Summer is about to retire from that job. That wonderful mare I have has taken me as far as she can. She has won me several hundred dollars and has proven that a Tennessee Walking Horse can work cows too. But, I worry about her joints. Oh, don't get me wrong, she is fine, but I don't want to take a chance. She has always had a sticky stifle and I know her hocks aren't near as what a stock horses are. So, she will be going back to what she does best. Trail and driving. I love her too much to continue to ask her to do what she technically wasn't bred to do.

But my dilemma was, I LOVE sorting. I love the people, the speed of it, the challenge of it and the new, close friends I have made.

So, what do you do? Well, you finally convince your husband to come watch what you love to do. David came out and surprised me a couple of Wednesdays ago and watched me sort. I was on Summer of course and James was on a black and white APHA mare with the barn name of Nasty. None of us were doing very well that night, but David stayed the entire time and watched. I think he liked the speed of the event.

After we were done, he, James and I stood around and talked for a bit. James was complementing my riding abilities. Which I know David heard. I then jokingly asked David to buy me Nasty. He laughed and shook it off. James just told me to continue to save my money and the right horse would come along. Just keep riding Summer and I would be fine.

Well, that following Sunday, Summer and I went back to the pens and she was acting like she had never seen a cow in her life. It was embarrassing. James come up to me and told me that Nasty was tied to his trailer and ride her if I wanted. So, I tied Summer and went and got Nasty (aka Shelby). I did 4 runs on her and they were all awesome. Everyone was cheering me on. Even the arena owner made a comment over the load speaker.

Secretly, I got a little defensive as I love Summer and know she was just having an off day. But this little paint is a finished cow horse. Spins like a top and stops on a dime. Well, after those 4 runs, I knew what horse I wanted.

So, I started contemplating on how I could buy her. I talked to David about it as it is a big purchase and a family decision. Well, after a bit, he was on board. As of this past Saturday, she was officially off the market. Money and papers should change hands by next Monday or Tuesday.

I will be competing at Southwest this Saturday on her and am a bit nervous as she has a lot of throttle. But when I am done with her other training, I do see a trail horse and maybe a CTR horse in there as well. As different jobs will settle her. All she has ever done is cows. She needs time off in between. Plus I need to learn how to ride her as she is so different from any other horse I have had as she is just push button when it comes to cow and arena work. But when I look in her eyes, I see a mare who needs me and I hope she knows I will give her everything she needs and wants.

Summer is still number 1. She is the queen of my small herd and that will never change. Shelby will just be her lady in waiting. LOL

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JJ said...

That is so exciting! I can't wait to read more about Nasty...PICTURES please!!! :)