Monday, April 4, 2011

Another awesome sorting practice and great 3 day weekend!

Man, what a great weekend! **************************************************************************************************** Friday I got a bunch of chores done. Both vehicles washed, and the Monte Carlo inspected. Horses wormed and then spent quality time with the hubby. **************************************************************************************************** Saturday I got my domestic chores done at the house, then went to the barn and got my farm chores done plus some schooling on Summer with a short ride in the pasture afterward. Then David came out and helped me move some downed trees in one of my trails. Once done, I fed horses and then enjoyed a date night with David. **************************************************************************************************** Sunday rolled around and I knew I needed to go to sorting practice since I had missed the last two days of it. I wasn't 100% into doing it, but knew I needed too. **************************************************************************************************** Summer and I got there, I lined up my rides and had an AWESOME time. I rode 7 practice runs and each one was great. Summer was so "on" it was amazing. Because she was being so good, I decided to go ahead and do the jackpot. These jackpots are a little different than what I am used to. These were all draws. And everybodies name was in the same hat. You might run with another 1 or you might draw a 6. My draws were my friend Vicki. (and we had two very good practice runs that day) And my other draw was with a guy named Randy. I was his only run. Now back to me thinking, he is a cowboy and I am sure someone pointed out, "Your draw is that girl in the helmet." And if he didn't watch my practice runs, he probably thought, "Oh crap." LOL So I knew I had to make my runs with him count. There were only 11 teams, so your biggest objective, don't bust. Cause if you didn't bust, you were pretty much guaranteed to go back on the short run. Well, 4 teams did bust so only 7 teams went back. Both of my runs went back. Vicki and I got 5 head on our first run and Randy and I got 4 head. James only did 1 run and Vicki was the lucky person who drew him. They got 4 head. On the short go, Vicki and I got 3 head for an 8 head total. Randy and I got 8 head on our second run for a 12 head total. Well, that set the bar for James as he knew then what they needed. 9 head. And they got it, for a 13 head total. But I will happily come in second to friends. The jackpot paid first and second place. So it was nice to get my money back plus some pocket change. Pretty awesome day indeed! ******************************************************************************************************* But another personal win for the day was when Robin and I did a practice run. We have been sorting together since July of '09. We were both very much beginners and would be happy if we got 4 head of cows. When we competed together last year, we just couldn't click. We would only get 1 or 2 head or just bust. So we stopped competing as a team. But we still do at least one practice run together. Well, yesterday, we got 7 head! We were so happy! Robin's husband came to us and told us what a great job we did. Even when everyone was leaving for the day, Anthony told me again that I rode really well today. He is a very good sorter and penner. Winning $$ all the time. **************************************************************************************************** Anyway, I just couldn't have asked for a more blessed weekend. **************************************************************************************************** Thanks for reading! TTFN!

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Wolfie said...

Good grief, I am exhausted just reading about your activities! ;-) Congrats on a productive, lucrative and satisfying weekend.