Thursday, July 14, 2011

A great "staycation"

I was on vacation from work all last week and it was great. I actually did a "staycation" and just enjoyed my family, friends and horses.

I started my vacation off with some Friday night sorting at Roys. It was awesome! My draw partner, Justin, and I got all 20 head and fastest time as another team also got all 20 head. Now, I understand that the cows aren't that difficult most of the time, but it was still pretty cool. So with the money won, Shelby got her a new pair of SMB's as I noticed some interference marks on her leg.

The rest of my week off included riding both my girls in the morning hours and doing some much needed trail work. On Tuesday, I spent most of the day with Amanda shopping and just having a nice mother/daughter day. But the coolest part of that day was when I actually got to buy a blouse off the same rack as Amanda. Now granted, she bought a small and I bought a large, but it felt great getting to buy apparel that wasn't in the plus sized section.

Thursday I spent with my mom. Another mother/daughter day, just in reverse. : ) We went to an antique store that takes about 5 hours to go through. They also have a tea room and I bought us lunch. It was a very nice day.

Friday I hung out with Liz. We went to Weatherford and she treated for lunch. Went to Horseman's Supply and then back home. Waited for it to cool down so we could hit the trails at my barn. Summer was very good for Liz. Another very nice day.

No sorting that Friday night as I had a lesson very early Saturday morning. Shelby was very good, but I was very sloppy. I wasn't feeling well as my iron was low (that's all I'm going to say about that "wink, wink"). But we didn't do too bad.

I have to say, my staycation seemed like a long one. It didn't flash by like I thought it might and for that, I grateful.


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