Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 2011 SWTPA weekend

Well, I don't know about everyone else (yes I do) but I had a fun weekend. It was hot, but I kept my pony watered, she was well hydrated due to me putting electrolytes in her feed for 4 days prior to the show and we just went in with the thought of having fun. Because if you don't have fun, you might as well not come at all.

I entered the 3 class with Mike and Vicki and I did 2 draws. I drew a lady named Kim (very nice lady) and a guy named Keith (also very nice). Mike and I busted, Kim and I busted (and there was nothing we could do as the cows were tough!) and Keith and I busted (my fault per James as I didn't take the pressure off fast enough, my bad!) Vicki and I however, got a whole 3 head. And with 63 teams in our class, I was sure we didn't have a "go back", but we did. All but 20 teams busted and it was a 20 team go back. So we went back in and got another 6 head. I thought it was a very good run for a couple of novices. After our run I sat back and counted how many folks busted and how many got less the a 9 head total. When we were done, I told Vicki we were sitting in 8th place and I was right. We were very happy with that as that is the first time we have placed as a team.

Now let's talk about some other folks real quick. Several folks go there specifically to win money and they believe they SHOULD win. Period. If you go in with that mind set and don't win, you don't have fun. So what is the point? And what makes you think you are SO good that you should win all the time? I go in with the mind set of first and foremost, having fun. Then my second mind set is "I would just love to get 1 point", that means I would have to take 10th place. And I am totally cool with that. So for us to take 8th place and earn 3 points, well, I was just giddy as a school girl. Do you think that maybe I am not competitive enough for this sport? Well, then you don't know me. I will go in and do my very best for you. Whether you are there and serious about winning that all mighty dollar or you are there just to have fun, I will do everything I have learned from my instructor. But if I mess up or you mess up, get over it. It's just a GAME!!! And if you are there to win big cause you need to pay a bill, then maybe you ought to get a second job instead where you KNOW you will get cash coming to you. Okay, off my soap box.

Late in the evening I ran 3 times in the 6 class. Vicki, DK and my draw Katy. I was happy to have drawn her, but we busted pretty quick. Vicki and I got 5 head and DK and I got 6. There were 53 teams in this class for a 15 team "go back". Vicki and I didn't get a short run, but we were still very happy with our performance. DK and I busted, but not before we had 4 head already sorted. Had we just stopped we would have placed. But we busted. The cows were basically on top of me (I was in the gate) and we busted. I was very happy with our performance though. We did better than last month and I am hoping that means we will do even better next month.

And the highlight of my evening at the pens is when David showed up to watch. He has seen me at practice once but never at a competition. So I was happy about that. He even stayed and helped me with Shelby when it was time to leave. Then he followed me to the barn at 12:30am and helped me feed my crew then followed me home.

Sunday I woke up late so that meant no going to the barn as it was already getting hot. So David and I just hung out all day. Went to the feed store, went and looked at that property we are interested in, I took him to lunch, then a bit of shopping before we headed home.

That evening I did take a very nice ride on Summer in the pasture. We moved out several times and it was just very enjoyable. So it was a nice end to a great weekend.

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Wolfie said...

I think it's just great that you do everything with your horses. I have never seen sorting, but it sounds action packed. Congrats on a great weekend.