Monday, June 2, 2008

Very nice weekend

Friday night we went to my parents and watched old home movies. My dad had all our old reel to reels put on DVD. It was fun to watch as there was footage of my mom at about 14 years old.

Saturday, Tracey and I went to Benbrook Lake and rode what I call the rocky side. It is about 14 miles round trip. It was warm but the breeze off the lake helped. Summer had two big spooks. One at some wind socks in someones back yard and one at a deer that bounded out of some trees. Amira had one good spook when she rounded a corner and there sat a vulture that took flight immediately. But all in all the girls were good and we had a real nice time. Summer is about chest deep in the lake in the above picture. She is my water baby!

Saturday night I worked for my friend Billie who owns the carriage company. We took part in a wedding in downtown Fort Worth then gave rides the rest of the evening. It was a very busy night. We finally had enough about 11:30pm and headed back to the trailer. I finally got to bed about 1am.

Sunday, I got to sleep till 9am then Tigger woke me up, it was time for her breakfast. About 11:30am, Tracey and I headed to Dover's in Dallas and I found me some riding tights and some riding gloves. Tracey also bought some new tights and a new bit. Then we headed to Sergeants and bought more things we knew we needed. No, really, we really needed more things! (smile) Then we had lunch and headed back to the barn.

So, I had a really nice weekend. I can only hope for another one like it next weekend as our friends Mark and Melinda are bringing their horses to the barn next weekend to go riding and a bar-b-que! WOOHOO, I can't wait!

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