Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Very proud of my hubby!

Well Sunday, David's horses finally came in. He raced at North Star Dragway http://www.northstar-dragway.com/ at their All Out. It is kinda like what that do on that show Pinks, but not with $10,000. David won $500 in his class. I was very proud of him. I did not go though, I should have, but this fat chic just didn't want to deal with the heat, it was supposed to be 101 degrees and he said the track thermometer read 148 on the concrete!!!! OMG, I can't believe that. I swear he looked like he had dropped 10lbs when he got home that evening, maybe that 148 degrees sweated it off of him. There are no trees and you are surrounded by concrete, exhaust, and burning rubber from the tires. I told him the next evening race his does, I will go. It won't be All Out though. His class he races in is Texas Tru Ten-5 http://www.texastrueten5.com/ . I love to watch him race, but is really scares the hell out of me, hence why I don't go too much. His friend Jesse goes and Jess knows to call me if there is an accident. David does have all the safety stuff, roll cage, helmet, neck collar, fire suit, wheelie bar, and I am sure I have left something off. But bad things could still happen, so it still makes me nervous.

The last race I went to, was last year. Several of our friends went. At one point, one of the guys walked up to me, put his arm around me and said, "you are as nervous as a cat in a cage." I didn't realize that every time David went to line up at the tree, I began pacing. And wonder why I don't go. (smile) I probably give myself ulcers every time I do.

Anyway, just wanted to brag a little.

Here is a little mix I put together, hope it works. Turn on sound!


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