Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Well, it is gone. Yet another Christmas that we can't wait to be here, is over.

I am on vacation this week, so spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, shopping and cleaning the house as my parents were coming over for Christmas dinner. I do this every year. Spend most of my vacation cleaning the house. But I don't mind as it has become a tradition. (smile)

We had a good Christmas. Amanda got what she wanted. She is almost 18 years old, so it is hard to buy for her. Her job of choice is to be a beautician so she received a stylist roll around cart with all the accessories, Tinker Bell floor mats, the third book in the Twilight series and much more. David and I weren't going to do much for each other as he has spent a ton of money on vet bills for our cat Mia. I will tell later what is wrong with her. Anyway, he bought me a TomTom GPS. I was totally not expecting that. I got him some odd and ends but nothing that nice. As I said, my parents came over and brought us all gifts and cash. I can always due with money. (smile) We ate a lot, as usual for a Christmas day. The movie A Christmas Story was on all day and surprisingly enough, that is where it stayed. You could hear my dad laughing or chuckling most of the day in the living room. His favorite part is where Ralphie beats the snot out of the red headed bully. I love the deranged Easter bunny part. It is all funny though.

It really was a nice holiday. I feel very blessed to have a good daughter, a wonderful husband and loving parents. It was sad though as this was the first Christmas without Granny. So yes, there was crying. We went through her cedar trunk. That was the first time it had been opened since her funeral. That was the one item I wanted most out of her house and mom gave it to me. So of course, there was crying during that too. Mom didn't want anything out of it, she wanted it to stay in the trunk where everything would be safe. And it will be.

I am going to try to go to the barn later and go riding with Tracey, but that wind is horrible. I don't mind riding in it, but is seems more of a job than a pleasure when you ride in not perfect weather. And God knows, I had better take my allergy meds, if not, a horrid migraine will set in.

Took Mia to the vet this morning to clean her face up. It is hard to describe, but where the cancer is, she is constantly scratching and we have to wrap her foot so she can't use her nails to scratch with. But she is still rubbing her face raw and the skin is starting to pull away from her cheek. The fur is all matted with blood and pus. It is all very gross. Maybe I shouldn't be posting this on the Christmas blog but that is part of my Christmas week. We left her there because we have an appt with her vet at 3:15 to see what we can do to ease her itching and try to help her leave her cheek alone. David and I have even talked about, if she has even 6 months to a year to live, having that one back foot declawed so that it doesn't have to be wrapped (as she really hates that) and she can rub her cheek all she wants but not cause any damage. We have done all our bank account will allow. Plus there isn't a good prognosis even if we were millionaires and could afford it. She is still eating good, playing, and VERY loving. So we are going to spend money on making her as comfortable as possible until it is time to let her go be with Sheba.

Anyway, enough sadness now.

Better go, hope all who reads these had a blessed Christmas. And if you didn't think it was blessed, try to find the blessing even in a sadness. God has a reason for everything He does.

Happy New Year,
Tammy, David, Amanda, Summer, Libby, Tigger and Mia.

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