Monday, December 1, 2008

Loretta Lynn concert and Thanksgiving holiday

Well, it was a very nice concert. I just can't believe that she is 74 years old and still sounds so good. And I just love that accent. Listening to her talk makes me miss Tennessee and my grandma.

Mom had a wonderful time. The concert didn't start until 10:30. So we ate at the cafe in Billy Bob's, then we went a played some games, went to the gift shop, looked at all the hand prints of singers who have played there and at 9:00 was the live bull riding. Mom had never seen that, so we took her. Amanda had a blast because all the cowboys were her age. Mom also got to see a good wreck, the cowboy walked away tho, so that was a big sigh of relief.

We had a nice Thanksgiving. I made a 15lb turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and gravy. Mom and Dad made the rest. We ate at their house. We ate till we were full and then watched Jeff Dunham's Christmas DVD. He is a hoot! Here is a sample of his comedy. Achmed sings Jingle Bombs:

Friday I drove for Billie in Frisco Square. I drove Dolly. She is a Belgain mare. She is my favorite of her horses. I don't know why, but I like her best. Unfortunately, she coliced, again. This is her third time to colic after a job. I told Billie I think she needs some Long Slow Distance conditioning. Or known to distance riders as LSD, but not the bad one. (smile) So, Dolly may be coming to my barn in the next week or two for some driving and riding to condition her. She is about 20 years old, and that would be like asking a 60 year old person to walk 5 hours if they aren't used to it. So, I really believe that some LSD will really help her with her job. BTW, Dolly doesn't drive every weekend and this is the first time she had been driven in months. So Dolly may have a rude awakening for her own good.

I have been getting ready for the Christmas at Six-0 ride. I am the ride secretary. I am having a lady named Barbara Cooper ride Summer. I have talked about this before, but I am still a little nervous about letting someone else ride my horse. I just hope Summer doesn't act like a moron and I hope Barb has a nice ride. As for the ride, I just can't wait for it to be here and over. It is a hard job. Now don't get me wrong, I love seeing all the riders have a wonderful time, but putting it together is a booger. Trying to remember everything and get everything done. Heck, I left the house this morning and forgot the paperwork I was supposed to copy today! Now I have to go home during lunch to get it. Oh well, it will get done.

Well, TTFN

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