Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The last Christmas at the Six-0 Ranch

Well, it is over. This was the last Christmas ride at the Six-0 Ranch in Cleburne Texas. I didn't know it was going to happen. Heck, most people didn't. But, that is okay, at least for me. I am not going to secretary anymore anyway. I want to ride. It has just been posted that the Christmas ride will be held at Parrie Haynes next year and I love riding there, so no working for me!

As for this past weekend. Summer did me proud. Barbara and her made a wonderful team, she even threatened a couple of times that she was going to sneak Summer onto her trailer and take her back to Oklahoma with her. They had a great time. Summer even took 2nd place in the largest class at the ride. Unfortunately, unless I can loose 60lbs by March, the points she earned this weekend won't count for anything. But that is okay. Barbara had a great time and she and Summer took great care of each other. Had it not been for Barbara, Summer would have sit home anyway doing nothing. It was also Barb's birthday, so that was nice that she got to enjoy a beautiful weekend on a beautiful horse. Okay, I know, I am bias! (smile) When the pictures get posted I will post one on here. Barb has also already made me promise that I will let her ride Summer in an Open class this year. I told her okay. She will have to ride Open Heavyweight as that is my division. So we will have to weigh the saddle down a bit.

I am only wanting to do 4 or 5 rides this year. Course, I liked them all and it will be hard to choose. I figure that if I go to the Land Run, I will let Barbara ride Summer there since she wouldn't have to spend any gas money to get there. I would just have to bring Summer to her. I want to ride at 7IL the Girl Scout Scamper and Deep in the Heart of Texas. I also want to do Indian Territory since I have never been there. And I want, I want, I want. AAARRRGGG....CRAP! I knew I would get too hooked. Now I don't want to do any driving events this year, I want to do more NATRC!!!! I guess I will just have to see what my finances will be. I wish I was rich and didn't have to work, then I wouldn't have to worry about it!!!!

Well, gotta go for now!

Edited December 16, 2008: Photo above is Barbara and Summer. I loved how the picture is in blk and wht. They made a great team.

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