Monday, January 4, 2010

What a way to start the new year.

I started my new year on the back of my trusty steed. We rode at the barn, just Summer and I. We practiced some shooting with a cap gun I bought per Toni. We worked on our trailer loading and unloading. Then we just rode around while I chatted with Toni on the phone. It was a real good day, that is until when...hold that thought while I tell you first part of the story.
Once Summer and I got done, I decided to put her, Amira and Hank in the big outdoor arena for the day to enjoy each others company and to get to graze and get out of the mud. This is not the first time they have been together. They have been turned out COUNTLESS times before and do very well together, that is until when...hold that thought again, here it goes...
Once I turned the horses out, I noticed that some fencing was loose and decided to fix it before I left the barn. Thank God for that decision! Once I got back to the fence that needed repairing, I heard a fight going on. I look up and Summer had Amira in the alley way of the arena just wailing on her with both back feet. I started screaming at her, yelling her name and screaming "NO". I dropped my tools and started running towards them. At almost half way across the arena, Summer stopped and looked at me. At that time, Amira saw her chance out and ran. Both girls came cantering back into the main arena. Summer went off to the side and started grazing and Amira came to me. I checked Amira's injuries and was relieved that they were superficial. There was swelling of course, but no major damage as it appeared Summer had only hit her in the fatty part of her hind quarters. But here is the bad part, just as I had thought Summer was being the biotch, I took my hands off Amira to go get her halter to take her out, she penned her ears back and went after Summer! OMG! All I could do was scream at her and say NO! And my next thought was "did she have a death wish?" Summer is a good herd animal, but will fight hard when challenged. When I hollered at them, neither let out a kick, just penned ears and nasty looks and Amira went trotting the other way.
I got Amira out of the arena then called Tracey. I felt horrible! Tracey had a competition that very next day. But Tracey was very kind about it. Thank God she has the same attitude I do about what happened. Horses will be horses. That is how I feel. But you just never know how the other horse owner is going to take news like that. However, she like me, was just a little amazed that Amira was the aggressor. Course we discovered just a very short time later that Amira is in season as is Summer. So, two grouchy, moody mares does not make for good company.
There was no apparent lameness and heck, we even saddled up and along with June on her trusty mount, went for a nice little ride in the pasture.
And I am happy to report that Amira was fine the next morning and competed and took 5th out of 8 horses!
Here are her battle wounds. If you look at the hip just right, looks like a ski mask.


txtrigger said...

Bad girls!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah - mare-itude! Glad she wasn't too badly hurt - high injuries are better than low ones when it comes to kicks - there must have been some high kicking going on!

Thanks for stopping by and following along!

Breathe said...

Hi Tammy,
Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm looking forward to wandering around and learning more about your herd.

Horses will be horses and you never know what is going to set them off with each other. We're constantly rotating horses at the barn I board at because if you change one thing the whole place goes nuts.

Herds. Crazy!