Friday, January 8, 2010

First SWTPA sorting event next weekend!


Summer and I haven't worked any calves since December 8th. I so hope she has her head on straight next weekend. This will be our first "real" competition with an organization that I have to join (if I don't chicken out). It is $25 per run and a $10 a day fee. We have a 2 run minimun and a 5 run maximum, that is, if I can find 5 #1's and and #2's to run with. I know of 2 partners I have already, Robin and Kimberly, but, 1 person you run with has to be a draw. This means, they draw your partner from a hat. Oh fun. I just have to remember to tell them mine and Summer's weaknesses and our strengths.

I am gonna give James a call today and ask for a lesson/refresher course for this next Sunday when it warms up a bit. Just need to make sure Summer has her head on straight. I started thinking about next weekend last night, and the butterflies started. Geeshe! Why do we get nervous about this stuff? I am always telling myself, it is just a game. But maybe because this is a game where you have another person counting on you. You don't do this one by yourself like you do in CTR's or driving events. But I have to imagine that the other persons who are as new as I am and even newer in some instances, are just as nervous, and worried that they may let me down. But, in the words of a very wise man that I talked to about this, "if you can't afford to loose then don't play the game." Words from my hubby David. And I remind myself of those words all the time when I am playing the sorting game.


Breathe said...

Sorting sounds like so much fun! I'm hoping to find a TWH for my husband and I'm amazed how versatile they are. You'll do better than you think and will probably give yourself a harder time than you need to. Have FUN!

Tracey said...

RELAX! You and Summer will do fine. I am sure she will have her head on straight. If anything the break has likely been good for her!

We still gotta find somewhere with an open practice or where we can go and "play" with cows...I really want to work on this more with Amira.