Monday, January 11, 2010

Haley's Liberty Belle...aka "Libby"

Want to know how to stop this:

Bulldogge on the leather couch syndrome. Very common and sometimes fatal to the leather.

Well, I suggest you going to Petsmart and purchasing one of these:

However, common side effects are these: sleeping, snorring, lack of duties as a guard dog and the final one could be fatal to the Bulldogge itself:


The possessive 4.5lb Chihuahua named Tigger. Very deadly.


Breathe said...

LOL! I wouldn't go within five feet of that chihuahua, Libby!

txtrigger said...

Last bed we bought Thelma, she shredded in to thousands of little pieces. Mardi on the other hand is pretty fond of her bed. As long as Thelma does not find it and show her how to play tug-a-war with it