Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things that make you go...hmmmm?

A friend of mine on Facebook just posted this quote:

"Believes some things will fall apart, in order for other things to fall into place."

At 41 years of age, this quote immediately grabbed my attention and automatically made me start thinking. And the older you get, the more and more this quote will relate to the life you have lived.

Bad things happened in my life in my late teens, and due to those circumstances, I met and married David in 1988.

Something bad was happening in our country and overseas when David was in the Army, and for fear of loosing him during that war, I decided to get pregnant. Maybe that was greedy, but if I lost him, then I had to have a part of him with me forever. Amanda was born March 16, 1991.

It only takes a moment for me to think of so many other stories I could share, but then this blog would be mile long. And all because of a one line quote that got me to thinking on my life.

This quote can also be compared to:

"When God closes a door, He always opens a window."

It is up to you to go threw it. And I have gone threw many windows. Thank you Lord for opening them and for allowing me to see them when they have opened.

Thanks for reading.


Wolfie said...

It is a very thought-provoking quote. I believe things happen for a reason. Sometimes it's hard to figure out the reason, but I try to focus on the positive aspects. :-)

Kate a.k.a. MBG said...

I agree, very thought provoking and you're right the longer you walk this planet, the more "fall apart/fall in place" stories you experience to prove this to be true. I'm happily living the "fall in place" life at the moment and enjoying every minute of it! Gives more meaning to "life each day as if its your last...."

Tracey said...

Great post! Love the quotes.