Friday, March 19, 2010

Wasn't gonna, but I guess I will...

Did the title peak your interest?

Well, Summer and I had a bit of an accident last Sunday (March 14th) evening at about 6:45pm. At least this time I got to enjoy the ambulance ride to the hospital. Eric drove and Clint did all the paramedic stuff that is required on the trip.

I bet that has really peaked your interest now! LOL

I was not going to write about it, and even as the paramedics were putting me on the gurney, I told Tracey (in a very weak voice), "don't put this on Facebook." The paramedics laughed. Tracey said she was gonna take a picture and put it on FB. Then in a world wide known finger gesture, I told her she was number 1. The paramedics laughed again.

But I had to take that expensive ride as we didn't know if my hip was fractured, broke, dislocated or what.

While in the ambulance, Clint took off my socks and boots. I thought I might be getting a foot massage, but he said he was doing something about a pulse thingy (darn it!). Just then though, I realized I hadn't shaved my legs in a week and apologized. (he giggled at me again) Then the pain meds really kicked in and I remember telling him I sure was glad I listened to my momma and put on clean underwear everyday. LOL

When we got to the hospital they put me in my own room in the ER that actually had a door and not a curtain. Next thing I know one of the female nurses says, "Mrs. Haley, we are going to have to cut your clothes off." Crap. Of course I am more worried about horse stuff than myself as I was wearing my Freeze R Burn t-shirt that Summer and I earned last year at our 1 and only LD endurance ride. So I asked the young lady, "could you cut that picture out and give it to my husband?" So I have basically a wash cloth with last years logo on it. That's okay, I am gonna wash it, frame it and put it on Summer's brag wall.

Anyway, they got the hospital IV in me and shot me up with more pain meds. I asked my ER nurse Eric (yes, another Eric, remember, the ambulance driver was also an Eric), what is the worse case scenario? He said, "the way your leg is laying and the description of your pain, I would say a possible fractured hip." Then I say, "Okay, worse case for that?" Surgery. Crap again. He told me not to worry about it though, let's just see what we are dealing with.

We were there for a bit when they finally got me in for my CT scan. And we had to wait a bit longer for the results. My doctor (Dr. Brown) came in and said they were supposed to X-ray me first but that was okay. He said my CT scan came back normal. No head injuries, internal injuries and no hip injuries. Thank God. He said he still wanted X-rays done but the CT scan was actually better than the X-rays. X-rays came back normal as well. My ER nurse told me and another orderly that he would have bet a $100 that my hip was fractured. That it was amazing that nothing was broke or dislocated. All I kept doing was thanking God. I was constantly asking God to let everything be okay. Guess what folks, the power of prayer is amazing. The doctor just said that I would be feeling this for about a month. I am okay with that.

Now, as for the accident. Well, Summer spooked. It was the worse spook she has ever done with me.

Tracey and I had gone out for a ride and the girls were real good. When we got back to the barn yard, there was a white pipe that I had brought back in from the pasture the weekend prior. I had said it would make a good jump for ponies and a cavaletti for horses. Well, one end was on a cinder block and the other in the fork of a tree trunk. I had Summer walk over it and she bumped it and knocked the cinder block over and now the pipe was even lower. Which was fine. So I walked her back over it. Tracey then took Amira over it. Well, Amira kind of drug her left front foot going over it. No big deal. Unfortunately she did the same with her right front foot. This time the pipe moved but didn't give and hit the ground as that one end was in that fork. Had it not been in stuck in that fork, all of this may have been prevented. Live and learn. Anyway, When it moved, it hit the back of her front left leg. She panicked. Now the pipe was between her front legs with that one end still in the fork of that tree and she started backing quickly. Then the pipe (not a PVC pipe) sort of bent around her left leg. Then she REALLY started to panic. Well, that was all I got to watch as Summer decided she wasn't hanging around as the horse eating pipe ate her BFF. (So much for BFF. What kind of BFF won't help their buddies that are in trouble? Oh, that's right, horses!) Anyway, Summer started to back up REALLY fast. So fast, I could feel her rear end WAY under her. Well, in my infinite wisdom and immediate lack of proper horsemanship, I was asking her to whoa while putting on the brakes (pulling on the reins). Unfortunately, I wasn't putting on the brakes, I was kicking her reverse into over-drive. I knew we were almost on top of a large fence and a large stump. By the time I realized what I was doing with the reins, it was too late. I let go of the reins just as she hit the fence and stump. This completely made her loose her footing. She sort of sat down and roll backwards on top of me. Now I was lying on the ground with 1000lbs of horse lying on her back between my legs.

She just laid there as I was screaming for someone to get her off of me. I honestly don't think I have ever been that scared with horses as I was right then. All I could imagine was her panicking worse and fighting to get off of me, then putting a hoof in my chest or my face.

But she didn't, she just laid there. Most of her weight on my left hip and leg. After about 4 or 5 seconds, I moved my right leg just a little, then I must have blinked, because the next thing I knew, she was gone. I never lost consciousness, though I wanted to as the pain was so bad. But Tracey, Barb and June kept me awake. Barb called 911 then called David. David arrived just as Eric and Clint loaded me into the ambulance.

About 1:30am, when the doctor told me nothing was broken, I called Tracey as I know she is a night owl. She told me something that started me crying again, as with this story, I knew God was there and that my mare really does care about me.

Tracey said that Summer did actually lay there for a few seconds as it looked like she didn't know what to do. It must have been when I moved my right leg ever so slightly that the next event occurred. Tracey said that it looked like Summer looked at me, then looked at the ground, saw a clear spot, then ever so gently, rolled off of me, then looked at me as if to say, "get up now". Tracey said she didn't bolt or panic, that she just stared at me.

We didn't get out of the hospital until about 3:30am and didn't get home till about 4:00am. David didn't go to work as he got no sleep and needed to take me to get my meds. We got my meds about noon and then I asked him to take me to the barn as I just felt I needed to see Summer and let her know I was okay.

Now, you have to know this about Summer and I. We have a good relationship, but different than Fawtal and I did. I could holler Fawtal's name and he would holler back and come running to me know matter where he was or what he was doing. If I do that to Summer, she flips me the hoof and continues grazing without nary a whinny or a neigh.

Anyway, David took me to the barn about 1pm on Monday. He pulled right up to my pen. Summer was standing in the back of it near my barn owner's stud (No, he can't reach her, they both just do a lot of wishful thinking). As soon as she saw me come around the truck, she nickered at me and here she come. My heart about exploded. She NEVER does that unless it is feeding time, and even then that is rare. Right then, I knew she understood and I believe she was honestly happy to see me and that I was okay.

Thanks for reading


txtrigger said...

When we have horses, crap happens. Thank goodness it was not worse, and you ARE able to share your story. It is a reminder to all of us that sometimes things just happen. I guess this is why I am so hard core about wearing helmets. You just never know when they can take a wrong step, or decided that the situation is worthy of exiting as fast as possible. Hope you are back in the saddle soon! Give that big girl of yours a scratch and a cookie for me!

Tracey said...

I am just so glad it turned out the way it did as I NEVER want to see something like that again. Of course I only saw the very last part of it since for the first part I was trying to remain on top of my own horse. I was relieved when I got Amira out of trouble...only to turn around and see Summer falling back on you...NOT something I ever care to see again!

But it did warm my heart to see her be so careful to not step on you as she got up. I think she was actually more scared than any of, me or Amira as she was still shaking when I unsaddled her while waiting for the paramedics.

Like Jonni said...crap happens and as horselovers we know the risks and gladly take them to be with such magical creatures.

Wolfie said...

Hope your recovery is swift!!

Kate a.k.a. MBG said...

So glad neither of you were seriously hurt. These are the kinds of stories that make us wonder why we ride these unpredictable animals; and then we just do :) Hopefully the rest of your year will be full of smooth rides!

Breathe said...

Oh my god, I totally missed this! (Darn day job)

I know what you mean about not blinking and having your horse just gone. Mine did a 360 and I didn't even know it happened, I was just suddenly hanging from his neck.

I'm sure Summer wasn't abandoning her BFF. She was going for help.


The ending is so bitter sweet. I certainly hope you heal well and fast.