Monday, April 12, 2010

Another nice weekend...

...horses, friends, and a new church.

My friend Robin came to my barn on Saturday with her mare, Taz. Taz is a finished cow horse and this was Robin and Taz's first trail ride since Robin has owned her. Taz was wonderful! The only real problem she had was water. She would cross it, but she didn't like it. LOL We went out 3 times for a total of about 13 miles or so. We got some nice cantering in, and I took several pics of Robin and Taz so she would have some lovely, frameable pics of their first trail ride. Tracey joined us the 3rd time and the horses did very well together. I think we have Robin hooked as a trail rider now. Her main passion is sorting, but I bet trail riding might come in as a very close second.
Me and Summer, Robin and Taz (thanks for taking our pic Tracey!)
Sunday, June and I visited a new church called Three Nails Cowboy Church. We loved it! My old friend from high school (23 years ago), Lisa, goes there and is always talking on facebook about their acitivies and just how much she likes this church. The people were kind and friendly, the music was great and the sermon was wonderful. I told June on the way home that I would be going back. She said, "good, cause I was already thinking that if you weren't, I was!" LOL

After church, it was lunch time and then back to the barn for chores and just relax with the critters that we love.

This is gonna be a short blog, but it was just a wonderfully nice weekend that I had to share.

Happy Trails

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Breathe said...

What a great ride! I bet Taz doesn't come across a whole lot of water when team sorting! LOL