Monday, April 5, 2010

Update on me and my equine kids.

As of yesterday, it has been 3 weeks since my accident with Summer.

Last Saturday (March 27th) was SWTPA March sort and I didn't compete but I did go watch my friends. And of course I was glad I didn't take a horse as I probably would have entered. I was glad I went though as even watching from the side lines teaches you a lot.

I did have a few folks that knew about about the accident ask me if I have ridden yet. No, I hadn't as of then. I knew what they were thinking though. The longer I wait, the tougher it will be, because I will just become even more nervous.

So Sunday (March 28th), Tracey and I saddled up and rode around the barn for about 25 minutes then hit the trails for about 20. When we first started out around the barn, the wind was blowing and Summer was a bit "up", but I think it was because I was nervous. You can't take a fall like that and can't say you aren't even a tad nervous getting back on. Anyway, after the 2nd loop around the barn, I noticed Summer's head was down and she had relaxed. I then noticed that I had relaxed by then too. Which is why she had settled. After about 5 loops, we hit the trails and it was real nice.

Monday evening, I rode the trails by myself. Summer was a pretty good girl. And it was just something I had to do. Getting over these little fear humps is just an exercise I must do.

Wednesday, Hank and I had our first driving lesson with Denise. All we did was longe line but it was SO informative and she taught me so much about my pony and why he is doing some of the things he does. Things like getting his tongue over his bit. The hour just flew by. And while she was working him, I heard her purr to him. I asked her if she had just done that and she shyly said yes, that it was to calm him. I told her that she and my dressage instructor in California from 20 years ago were the only two I had ever heard do that. So, back to purring I will go to settle my hyper pony. But it was so great and I can't wait for my next lesson!

Saturday came and we had an AWESOME sorting lesson! Robin, Anthony and I just had a great lesson with James. We all had things that James critiqued us on. One of my worse runs of the day was when tunnel vision kicked in and I put a BUNCH of pressure on James when he was working the hole as my partner. Tunnel vision usually doesn't happen to me, but it did this day. I also pushed her pass our cows shoulder a couple of times, causing the cow to turn back away from the hole, which will cause us precious seconds in competition. My bad again. But at least I am catching my mistakes as I make them. That shows that I am learning something I guess.

But Summer was really good for me. When we were done with each run, I would try to be the one to push the cattle back thru the hole for the next run for Summer's sake. Summer was pinning those ears and putting her head down to push the cows with her nose. Next thing I know, she bit one again! LOL Once again, this isn't allowed as it can be construed as "roughing" the cattle. But with Summer still having a bit of fear issues, I will let her touch them and such at James'. She also got real close to them when we were cutting them from the herd too. And when we would push our cow on the fence to the hole, she was much closer to their hip than she usually is.

I had a talk with James after the lesson and told him that I knew that I didn't have the kind of horse that he and the others had, but I had a horse with a lot of heart and a lot of want in trying to please me and he agreed. And that for now, she will have to be my cow horse if I want to play this game. She just shows me that she can have potential at this sport because of the way she handles the cows at his place.

After we got home from our lesson, we had a nice ride on the trails. Just she and I. It was so peaceful and quiet. She was so good.

Of course Sunday I woke up feeling muscles that I hadn't felt in awhile. LOL

I am feeling those same muscles today as well. Guess I need to start hitting a gym.

Thanks for reading.


txtrigger said...

Well, come visit your NATRC family again,(hint-hint) and you will hear me "purrrr" at Hank all the time. Mostly at check in though. lol I don't even think about it. I bet you would find you would even use it sorting once you get in the habit again

Breathe said...

I'm really glad to hear of all your rides and how well you've jumped back in the saddle. You are an inspiration!!

jennybean79 said...

I'm glad that you're back in the saddle! I had a bad fall years ago that shook my confidence to the core. I was never fearful on horse back, but I am now. Every time I ride, it gets better for me. It sure is a struggle though.

Summer sounds like a great mare. I think it's great that you do so many different things with her. From Cattle sorting to trails and back again!! :)

Rising Rainbow said...

You're so right about the fear getting worse the longer it takes to get back on after a wreck. Good for you for taking the "bull by the horns" and getting back up there.