Thursday, March 24, 2011

Great practice last night...

Course we used Roy's cows and they were a bit easier than the cows we used Saturday. But they were harder in that you really had to push them to get them to run. That part wore me out. I was huffin and puffin when I got done running with Katy and James. You really have to move to keep up with those two when you are sorting. But it's a good thing!

I ran with most of my clinic mates. All but Mike, Anthony and Travis. Connie and I got 4 on our first go, and 5 on our second. Robin and I got 4, Vicki and I got 3, Katy and I got 9 and James and I got all 10. I was very pleased with all my runs. None of us busted. And yes, even as easy as these cows were, folks were busting.

I think Summer bit the last cow that I was pushing thru when we ran with James. I don't think Roy caught it or he didn't care. But either way, she was really on last night.

I told David that had she been that horse Saturday, we might have done better. But then again, probably not. Harder cows can make or break you. And Saturday they broke us. But that's all good. I just hope they use Cactus Cattle Co next month. LOL Those cows are a tad easier for Summer and I to work. Not that easy, but what ever mixed breed cow they used this past Saturday was crazy. But on the flip side, they have to mix them up and make it hard or the same people will be winning all the time.

Anyway, I can't wait for Sunday and more practice. I am sure Summer can wait, but I'm the one that pays the bills right? LOL

Thanks for reading.