Wednesday, June 17, 2009

B-B-Q and trail ride 06-14-09

This past Sunday we had a cookout and a trail ride. It was kind of a last minute thing, but turned out real well. One of the other boarders at our barn had invited a few of his friends from his other barn and I think some from his riding club, so we had a pretty good turn out. I was especially happy to see Summer's sister Shelby show up with her new owner. They took her in and tied her in the covered arena. So I took Summer in the barn and Shelby's ears perked up and it was so cute to watch them nuzzle, then I almost caught the cutest picture ever when Shelby licked Summer muzzle. The picture shows Shelby's tongue going back in her mouth after giving her sister a kiss. Summer and Shelby have the same daddy.

Another boarder named June just thinks Shelby is the cat's meow and has always called her Miss. Licks cause all she does is lick. And here is a pic of June visiting her and Shelby licking the fence right before she started licking June's hand for peppermints.

After June got done visiting, I went up to her and she reached over the fence and licked my face like she remembered who I was. AAAWWWW....

After we all visited and ate hot dogs with all the fixin's, we mounted up and took out for the ride. I guess there were about 10 riders or so and it went pretty well. Even the Appy that didn't want to cross the Honey Hole, finally did.

Once we got back to the barn, I had promised a lady named Donna a buggy ride on the trails. She had had an unscheduled dismount from her horse a week prior and couldn't ride this weekend, but I wanted her to enjoy the trails as well. Plus, it is good for Summer to both ride and drive the same day. I got Summer harnessed up and we drove about a mile around the barn yard. I even let Donna take the reins and I think she had a blast. I believe I heard her hubby Scott, say, "No, I am not buying you a cart!" as she drove by. LOL I took the reins back and asked her if she felt comfortable if I cantered Summer and she said yes. I think she kind of liked that part too. LOL

We took off out into the pasture and she really enjoyed herself and said she would absolutely be back out to ride next month, broken ribs or no! I think we were out there longer than some folks expected cause her hubby called her and a few minutes later, June called me, checking on us. LOL

If you go to Tracey's blog you can see a slid show of pictures from the ride:

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