Friday, June 19, 2009

Mom's birthday...the big 6-0

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. As I have stated in past posts, it is also Granny's birthday. Mom's mom. You may also remember that we lost Granny in March of 2008. So mom's first birthday without Granny to celebrate with was actually last year. But with the loss so close to the birthday, the pain of the loss was still very strong. Mom didn't want anything for her birthday, so Amanda and I kidnapped her and did a turn around trip to Altus last year so mom could put flowers on Granny's grave. As I type the word grave, I feel the tears swelling in my eyes.

Well, mom stated a few weeks ago that she didn't want to celebrate her birthday because she had no one to celebrate it with. That broke my heart, but I knew what she meant.

So here is what her sneaky child is going to do. Or has already started doing about two weeks ago:

Mom has always loved the works of Thomas Kinkade. A couple of months ago, Amanda and I took her to his gallery in Fort Worth. If you have never gone and live close to one of his galleries, you need to go look. They have dimmer switches for the lights and you can see what that creates with his art when you dim the lights slowly. Just beautiful. You will really see why they call him the painter of light. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I went and bought her a Thomas Kinkade classic. It is a print of course, but his prints are actually on canvass, not a piece of paper. I am going to pay it off today and make plans with the gallery director on how mom is going to receive it tomorrow. What mom will also think is cool is that the director of this particular gallery is Thom's sister-in-law.

Here is my plan: David, Amanda and I, are going over mom and dads tomorrow to take them out to lunch for mom's birthday. I am taking them downtown Fort Worth to Risky's BBQ. Great food and a good price. And the atmosphere is very nice. But the best part about Risky's, it is right next to the gallery. Once we eat, we will mosie on over the gallery since dad has never been there. They do have 1 original Kinkade there, but since I don't have $195,000.00 dollars, she is getting a copy. Yes, that is One Hundred and Ninety Five Thousand dollars. Yikes! But it is big and beautiful. Anyway, her picture will be on the wall with a "Reserved for Linda Barrett" With a Happy Birthday with it. My plan is that we will wander in the gallery and I will have my camera in hand. We will kind of guide mom in the direction of her present and she will find it for herself. Once she finds it, I know the tears will roll, but being the only child and with Granny gone, I want to make "her" days as special for her as I can. I then want Mrs. Kinkade to come up and introduce herself and wish mom a happy birthday. And here is her picture:

The title is Victorian Garden.
Please wish me luck that my plan goes off without a hitch. I love my mom and want her to have a memorable 60th birthday.
Thanks for reading,
Tammy in TX


txtrigger said...

Oh man, that brought tears to my eyes just thinking about your afternoon. Your mom sure has a special daughter! Wish her hapy birthday for me.

Tammy in TX said...

Thanks Jonni.
I went to the gallery today and set up tomorrow with Mrs. Kinkade. She is such a nice lady. I hope it doesn't sound like I am bragging. I just LOVE to surprise people, especially my mom. And I am just so darned excited. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning! LOL

txtrigger said...

Yep, you are bragging that you have such a terrific mother, that you want to do this fun birthday outing for her!!! I expect you to post those photos!

Tracey said...

I can't wait to hear all about it and see the's gonna be a very special day.