Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pleasure Drive at B-Tex 06-06/07-2009

Well, on June 6-7, we had a pleasure drive for North Texas Whip. Tracey and I sort of did the safety thing/ mounted guide thing on Saturday. She lead the open buggies and I had to go back to the barn as we had left without the Welsh pony team, pulling a surrey. So I waited on them to get hooked up and off we went. By the time we got to the trails, the others were gone. We had a very nice time and all the horses were pretty well behaved. Well, that is for Boogie the Hackney pony, because he truly lives up to his name. He likes to boogie on down the trail. Tracey had said he even reared while they were on the trail. He was with a horse trainer, so no accidents and Tracey said he did eventually calm down.

Above picture are the really pretty Welsh pony team. Very well behaved too.

Once the drivers headed back to the barn, Tracey and I took Lori (the only rider to come out, she had decided to ride instead of drive) on all the trails that the buggies couldn't go on. Lori had a blast. I think she said this was her boy Timmy's 2nd trail ride ever. He was so good for her, and very pretty to boot. Here is a picture of Lori and Tracey in the flowers.

Sunday was mini only day. I decided to drive the Mule out with the ice chest and first aid kit and pony Chompers next to it so he could be in on the Mini action. He was one big ball of energy and boy did he get a work out next to the mule. Tracey rode safety again and got some great photos. I tell you, there were mini carts going every which way, I think about 8 drivers came on this day. It was a very fun day. Course, it got a little nerve wracking when I was in the woods on foot, trying to find a nice place to stand and take photos of the drivers entering the woods. When I almost stepped on a dark gray, approx 4 foot long with a 2" girth, snake. It laid very still, but the first think I noticed was the viper shaped head. At that point I decided that pictures weren't an option as he was on one of the two trails that could be taken by a pony. As the first driver came in, I directed them to stay on the right path as there was a poisonous snake on the left path. The first driver stopped, as she did, one of the dumb barn dogs ran right over the snake, the snake lunged and struck at the dog then turned and struck at me then took off. Scared the pee out of me. I am not usually scared of snakes, but I do respect them if I don't know what type of snake I am dealing with. The first driver, Juanita, stated that was a Texas Gray snake and non-poisonous, but flattens its jaws out when nervous to resemble a viper. I of course, had to Google the thing and found the exact picture and the true name, Yellow Bellied Water Snake and its defense is to mimic its looks to look like a Cottonmouth. Anywho, once that commotion was over, on with the drive.

We took some lovely photos of the drivers in the flower field. This is June and her boy Jerrett.

And I had to take one of my handsome black stallion Chompers. Isn't he just pretty?

Then the group had to go play in the water.

Ponies and pooches playing in the water. After everyone drove for a bit longer, they started to head in:

After lunch and a break, I decided to hitch Summer up so Tracey and I could enjoy a drive and we sure did. I think Tracey thought it was kinda cool when we got back near the power lines and I cantered Summer under harness. I just love to watch her canter from that angle. You don't appreciate the power that animal has until you are that angle watching those muscles work. Here are a few pictures from that outing:

Letting Tracey take the reins.

Most every one's favorite because she is right on the bit.

And then my favorite that is framed and on my desk at work:

That evening, I just had to drive Hank for a bit. The clouds rolled in and the temps dropped a few degrees. So Tracey saddled up Gypsy for a little bit of easy riding and I hitched Hank. Tracey took a fabulous shot of him standing so pretty and some of him moving, here are a couple of shots:

My mouth looks funny because I am talking to him, but he is really moving up this gradual incline like a pro! I am so proud of the progress he and I have made.

Well, this was longer than I had planned, but I can't wait for the next pleasure drive weekend we will have. This one was great!
Thanks for reading!
Tammy, Summer, Hank and Chompers

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