Thursday, June 25, 2009

Like a charm...

Mom, Amanda and I. Mom trying to smile through the tears.

Well, the surprise I had planned went off like a charm. The only way it could have been better for me was if I could have afforded a big Thomas Kinkade for her. Maybe next year...

I do have pictures, and yes, they are emotional. Don't know if I want to post them on a public blog. But let's just say, it was a tearful moment.

At 10 am that morning, I had a hair appointment. My new lady that cuts my hair, her shop is by mom's house. So I got my hair done, then David, Amanda and I went to Albertson's for some HUGE steaks and baking potatoes for dinner at mom and dads that night. Plus I got mom a dozen roses. You know, to make her think that was her birthday present.

When we got over there, mom really didn't want to go downtown to eat. She was like, "there is a Dickey's BBQ right down the road and they are pretty good." I am like, "No, I want to take you all to Risky's as I know you have never been there and would love it." So we loaded into my car and I drove. Remember, Risky's BBQ is right next to the gallery. I was very lucky to find a parking place right next to Risky's but not near the gallery where she could see it.

Once we left the restaurant after that wonderful lunch, we "mosied" on down the side walk and, what should we run into...Thomas Kinkade Gallery. I said, "Let's go in here, dad needs to see what all the fuss is about a Thomas Kindade painting." So we went in and there were several people there as they were having an open house to celebrate his painting "Viva Las Vegas". Laura Kinkade and another lady were dressed like black jack dealers. There was a table with all kinds of edible goodies and drinks and a print of his Viva Las Vegas behind the table. Plus they had door prizes. And there were several people around the table and sitting in chairs. Well, mom's painting was where she just wouldn't walk right into it when you walked in the door. We were "oooing" and "awing" at the pictures and dad found one he really liked. Before I knew it, mom had gone around the corner to where her picture was. I followed her as fast I could but she had already found it. She just stood there. Her hand over her mouth, and a hand on her stomach. Red faced with tears. I don't think she breathed for 5 minutes. When Laura Kinkade saw us come in, she had went to the folks that had been standing and sitting around the table (which was right across from mom's picture) and told them that the lady that this picture is reserved for had just walked in and if they wanted to be a part of it to watch her find her gift, to hang around for a little bit. I thought that was so sweet of her. After mom started breathing again, all those folks started shaking her hand and wishing her a happy birthday. Laura took our picture next to the painting and then she said, "I want to get a picture with my camera too." So she went to her desk and took one with hers.

I will post some pictures on here once I get them downloaded off my camera.

Once we got back to the house, the picture found its permanent home over the fire place. We had huge, thick Rib Eye steak for dinner that evening and watched Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood.

I honestly don't know if this could have been a better day? I can't imagine that it could have been. I feel SO blessed that it turned out the way I imagined. For those that said a prayer for this wonderful day, thank you.

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txtrigger said...

Shoot, I have something in my eyes...they seem to be watering....


So glad it turned out to be such a lovely day with your family. Your mom sure has a special daughter.