Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Amanda finally rode last night!

Well, we (Amanda and I) got to the barn a little late last night. I had a dentist appt at 4pm and finally got my tooth done and have a gold inlay.

Anyway, Tracey was there already saddled. I asked Amanda if she wouldn't mind cleaning my pens and let me and Tracey go riding in the pasture. She said sure. When we got back, Kelsee was riding her mare in the dressage arena and Tracey and I rode over to chat with her. Well, Amanda walked over and was looking kinda coy. I asked her (yet again) if she would like to ride. I was shocked when she said yes. So I gave her my helmet and she got on Summer. Tracey let me ride Amira and Amanda and I rode in the outdoor arena. Amanda started complaining that Summer was so wide. Amira is an Arab and not near as wide as Summer. So I asked her if she wanted to ride Amira. Once again, I was shocked when she said yes. I couldn't believe she was willing to ride a horse she didn't really know. So she got on and was much happier with a more narrow horse. I think with other girls her age out there, riding their horses, maybe, just maybe, that will spark her interest. She is 17 now and has only had a little interest in riding about 3 years ago. I pray that this spark starts a blazing fire. I would be more than happy to buy her a horse of her own.

Good news on my truck. It is not the differensial (sp?)! It is the PCV or something like that and is not a problem, more of an annoyance. But David said I really needed brakes before this weekend, so he is hopefully going to get that done tonight.


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Tracey said...

I was so glad to see her ride and just as shocked as you were when I saw her climbing on board Amira!!! But I am glad she gave her a shot and was proud of my girl as she took good care of Amanda. She was very tentative at first as she could sense she was scared, but they did well together and she's welcome to ride her any time she would like.

Maybe we can get all 3 girls riding sometime.