Thursday, April 17, 2008

Horsemaster's CTR...getting ready!

Well, I got new brakes on my truck. It stops on a dime and gives you 9 cents in change now!

Tuesday night and Wednesday night I have been practicing my off side mount. My girl stood like a rock the entire time. Course that could change at the ride if the judge asks me to do it. She also side passed to the right several times when asked. I am real proud of her, she is really coming along. I just worry as why we are having loin issues all of a sudden. Conditioning her may have caused a body shape change. As a matter of fact, I am positive it did. But the saddle fitter said her saddle fit fine. I just keep wondering if it is the new pad. I just know I need to get this resolved this summer. Horsemaster's is my last ride this season, my next ride (God willing) is in September. I am not going to Indian Territory as it is just too far a drive for my truck and my wallet. And I am supposed to work Cass Co., that is unless I enter it. We'll see.

Once again I am nervous. I am riding this ride by myself. I need to see if Summer's mind will stay on me and not on Cimmy. Her and Cimmy ride wonderfully together but Summer is starting to get that competitive mind going and want's to be ahead of him, which is fine cause she walks faster, but when it comes to obtacles, she gets upset if he leaves her. So this ride will tell me if I need to start riding all the rides alone. But I am sure I already know the answer. I did that Texas Trail Challenge by ourselves and she was a dream horse.

Anyway, gotta go

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