Friday, April 25, 2008

One month tomorrow...

I can't believe it will be one month tomorrow that my Granny passed away. My mom is still not doing to good. She still crys a lot. We are going over there tomorrow to spend the day with her and dad. Mom says that when she went back to Oklahoma that following week to take care of Granny's house, she found a bunch of pictures that she didn't know Granny had. Pictures of Granny's grandparents. So mom wants to walk down memory lane and go through those pictures. I think it will be nice, but I know there will a lot of tears.

Mom keeps saying things like, "I wish I had, I should have, why didn't I?" when I comes to when Granny was alive. I keep telling her she was a great daughter and hind sight is 20/20, but I know that is not that comforting. I will just pray for her that she will soon find peace and come to terms that Granny is with her other family now.

I figure that Amanda and I will go up there this Summer so she can visit David's parents and we can visit my Great-Aunts (Granny's sisters), and our cousins. Go see Granny and Grandma and take them flowers, along with the rest of the grandparents and aunts at that cemetary. It is kinda a family cemetary way out in the country. I goes back to my Great X 3 grandparents. The head stone of my GGG-Grandfather has the Mason symbol on it. I thought that was kinda cool that I had Mason in my family. I had watched some documentarys on the Mason's, very interesting.

Well, now I am just rambling.

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