Monday, April 14, 2008

This past weekend...

What a beautiful weekend we had.

Saturday, Summer got her "every six weeks" shoes. Amanda and I went and got hay. I got me a chemical potty for my trailer. Woohoo, no more 2am trips to the porta potties at the rides! Then, Tracey, Ashley, Kelsee and myself went for a nice evening ride in the pasture. Kelsee's horse however, is not a trail horse, she is a barrel horse and she jigged the whole ride. Then there was the lovely creek crossing that Summer, Amira and Gypsy did, but Honey was NOT going to do. Needless to say, there were a small wreck and Kelsee started to panic. Tracey tried to calm her and I got off Summer to get Honey. After several minutes of trying just about everything, Honey crossed the creek. Of course when all was said and done, I was soaked up to my knees and my tennis shoes are still wet today! But all in all, it was a nice ride. The only real issue was Honey and water don't mix. Hmmm...I thought it was oil and water, but I found I was wrong (smile).

Sunday was a trail clean up day at the barn. We have never really had an official trail clean up day. It is usually June, Amanda, and myself. When Tracey moved in, she helped too. But that was it. Now with gas prices soaring, folks are starting to use them instead of trailering off. For this I am glad cause we had almost every boarder out there working at some point in the day. It was real nice, and the trails look great! What else was nice was as had a hot dog cook out with all the fixin's. That was nice too, everyone sittin' around shootin' the bull.

There is one more major trail that needs work, but I think Tracey and I can take care of that one. I call it the desert cause of the two different cactus that grow over there. Barb has also given permission to permenantly mark the trails with brightly colored horse shoes nailed to trees. This is great cause I am tired of buying surveyor tape.

Horsemaster's CTR is this coming weekend. I am ready to go, but my truck decided that it isn't. I heard a "whirring" noise, but when I gave it gas, it went away, when I let off the gas, it came back. I told David, he said some choiced words, he said it is probably my differensial (sp?), which could cost a lot. Son of a biscut eater, my trailer is all loaded, (except for my hay) and my truck is loaded with all my bedding. I guess I need to be thankful though, that it happened now and not on the road. However, I am just tired of stuff happening.



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