Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update on my pasture horse...

She has been in the pasture for a week and a half now. During the heat, rain and cool nights. I figure it is just making her stronger. She has come up every night to eat (except last night tho). I have checked her all over every night, and she looks great. She has a following of 5 other horses, so there are two small bands running out there. Silk's band and Summer's band. Sometimes they all come up together, but usually it is just Summer and her buddies.

Next weekend we start riding. Getting ready for Robber's Route. I have started buying stuff to stock my trailer. I figured since I have been spending time with the family, that putting Summer out to pasture is wonderful exercise for her. And she is looking good. She hasn't got a hay belly and she just has a spark in her eye of happiness. But next weekend is a three day weekend and I am going to ride everyday. I may just trailer to Benbrook and ride there. They have three different trails, so one for each day.

Her being out the pasture has really saved on my hay usage too. And there is PLENTY of coastal out in that pasture.

However, she is not going to like being brought back in. When the Bois D' Arc apples drop, she can't be out there. It is like a kid in a candy store, she will make herself sick on them. Then again, I need her up anyway for her exercise and such. After the ride season is over, she can go back out. I just can't describe how happy she is out there. She is just a different horse.

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