Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a beautiful sight!

There isn't anything prettier than a herd of horses galloping across a huge pasture. And what makes it a beautiful sight? When my Summer is in the middle of them galloping as hard and fast as she can.

I asked my barn owner last night if I could put Summer out to pasture with her herd for about a week and she said that would be fine. Summer doesn't test fences and has always become alpha mare when put out there. She doesn't hurt the other mares, she just has an, "I'm gonna be boss" presence about her that the other mares seem to respect. I watched this last night when I put her out. None of them tried anything with her. Not even Silk, the current alpha mare. Summer pinned those ears at a couple and they darted off. She pinned her ears, snaked her head and stomped a foot at another and it bolted away. Next thing I watched was them all grazing together and not trying to get in her business. After a few minutes of grazing, they all started moving, next thing I know, Summer is rearing up and threw a HUGH buck and started galloping and then the whole herd was off in a flash, back down to the pasture. As the Lone Ranger states, "With a cloud of dust and a hardy high hoe Silver!" they were gone.

I think there is nothing more beautiful when it comes to Summer, as when she is galloping with a herd of handsome Arabian mares.

I feel that running free like that has to be good for the body, heart and soul of a horse. Summer just looks happiest when she is in this state of being.

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