Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer's vacation is over...and other stuff

My buggy is finished!!!! Whoopy! I will take pictures soon. I definitely want pictures of Summer and her first time between the shafts. It turned out real nice. It is not perfect by any means, but it's good for my first time. Now I have to do my big roadcart. It has one of those folding tops on it. (like a docter's buggy) The top is stored at home, I don't want mice making a home of it. I am definitely taking before and after pictures of that cart. That will be my fancy show cart. I want to use that one for the Pleasure driving classes. I believe that is what they are called. You have to dress in period clothing for the time of your cart. Every thing has to look historical. I can't use a beta-bi harness, it has to be leather. If you have carriage lamps on your cart, they have to look like they were used. If they hold a candle, the wick has to be burned. No electrical lamps. That is my goal in showing with a carriage and Summer.

Well, poor Summer's vacation is over. I brought her out of the pasture last night. Gave her a water only bath to get the crusted salt off of her from all her sweat. While I was doing that, Tracey picked all the little stickers out of her forelock. I know she was enjoying that. Tracey said Summer looked to relaxed.

Tracey and I plan to ride Saturday. Not sure if Six-O, Benbrook or Grasslands. Six-O if Kim doesn't go to her endurance ride, probably Benbrook if she does. It is close and doesn't require as much fuel to get there.

I plan to ride all three days of this long weekend, even if I hit Benbrook all three days. As I have said before, glad they have 3 different trails to use.

Well, Amanda has been driving by herself for over a week now. It was nerve racking turning her loose. I know it was more me than her being nervous. I felt like a momma bird watching her fledgling use her wings for the first time without my help.

She still has the same boyfriend, Eric. She told me that for their 6 month anniversary, he is going to get her a promise ring. I just reminder her that a promise ring doesn't promise him sex! I am trying so hard to make sure she stays a good girl. I don't shove it down her throat, well, okay, I do. But she sees enough young girls at her school pregnant, I think that alone scares her enough for me. And it was her idea to get she and Eric those abstinence rings for his birthday, and they both wear them. I never see either one without them. I constantly have to remind myself, I raised a good girl, now it's up to her.

Well, TTFN

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.
And whose hope is the Lord.
Jeremiah 17:7

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