Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another day at the sorting pens...

Had a great weekend this past weekend!

Worked our home trails Saturday, even with the wind trying to knock me off my horse. But she was real good while I clipped, cleared and marked trail.

Sunday, I went to sorting practice. Tracey decided to come with her horse Amira. Toni and her beau Kelley decided to come down from Decatur for some practice as it had been awhile since they have worked cows.

There was a good turn out this day. I got to run with each one of my "class mates" that showed up and with James, our instructor. I had some pretty decent runs, but my best two were with Vicki and James. Didn't do too bad with Robin except for Summer lunging out of the hole at the wrong time and at the good cow, causing it to turn back and Robin having to go get it again. But we must remember, we are aboard something with a mind of its own.

But I was real proud of Summer. She was real good. We have a lesson this next Saturday and then SWTPA the following Saturday. Let's hope she is good then too. But I did slow my brain down like James told me and I didn't over think Summer. I know that when I am pumped up, I am way over thinking my horse, her abilities and her comfort zone. She still gets nervous when we are seperating the herd, and I need to remember that and sssllllooowww down a bit while she does the job I am asking of her. Slow to seperate, but she loves it when the chase is on! Man does she love chasing them cows. LOL

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